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A series of articles from Dr. Dana Perkins’ (her deepest fear and so many secrets) perspective relating her insights on Vicki’s blog.  As the articles are released, clicking the images below will take to you them.

So Many Secrets, a novel about Dana’s life in Shutter Lake. Release 10/11.


Her Deepest Fear, a short read about Dana’s life before Shutter Lake. Released 9/7.


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It’s Release Day for ALL THE LIES–Meet Julia Ford!

It’s October.  It’s Thursday.  That means a new BREAKDOWN novel is being released!   Meet Julia Ford.  Julia, like me, came to Shutter Lake for peace and safety.  Being an investigative reporter, Julia was used to investigating brutal crimes and interacting with some...

One Incident Changed Everything–Twice

One Incident Changed Everything--Twice   Death and loss and grief impact us in different ways but the burden is always a heavy one.  We struggle with healing, with feeling normal or even letting light penetrate the veil of darkness that enshrouds us.    No one is...

IT’s Release Day for SO MANY SECRETS

Sometimes the best laid plans get… well, waylaid.  Vicki and I have been looking forward to the release of So Many Secretssince the end of March—truthfully longer, but that’s close enough—and during the time she’s supposed to be uploading my posts, her website goes...


Readers of my blog and books: To celebrate the upcoming release of So Many Secrets, I'm giving away 5,000 copies of the prequel, her deepest fear.   This Short Read (just shy of 60 pages) is about Dr. Dana Perkins, the protagonist in both this story and in my October...

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