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A series of articles from Dr. Dana Perkins’ (her deepest fear and so many secrets) perspective relating her insights on Vicki’s blog.  As the articles are released, clicking the images below will take to you them.

So Many Secrets, a novel about Dana’s life in Shutter Lake. Release 10/11.


Her Deepest Fear, a short read about Dana’s life before Shutter Lake. Released 9/7.


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This Too Shall Pass

I spotted the quote above on a meme.  It was the perfect meme for me at that moment. Seeing it wasn’t a coincidence. It was evidence that when we most need guidance it comes to us in often unusual ways.  We must just notice and focus long enough to recognize what...

Does Religious Liberty Still Exist?

WHY CHRISTIANS CAN’T SIT THIS ONE OUT This article could be about many topics. Today it’s about politics and religious liberty. Both drastically impact our lives, like it or not, and that’s why we can’t afford to sit either out.   Many Christians feel that we’re...

Protect the Kids

  “If we are not protecting them, we are failing them.  It’s that simple…and that complex.” –Dr. Dana Perkins     Children are vulnerable and it is up to the adults to protect and nurture them.  To give them what they need to grow and flourish into well-balanced,...

It’s Thursday! Say Hello to Ana (Luciana) Perez from WHAT SHE KNEW!

Meet my friend, Ana Perez.  Ana is a quiet woman, strong and spirited but always understated.  For a long time, I wondered how those things could co-exist without keeping her torn apart.  Now I know the answer, and you’ll discover it, too, in her BREAKDOWN story, what...

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