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I understand that there are copyright concerns for bloggers, as there are for authors.  So I want to offer you permission to use without explicit approval, information from the Biography and About Vicki pages.  You’re also welcome to check the FAQ pages, podcasts, and book trailers.

If you are a reviewer or blog reviews and want to receive Vicki’s books for review, please visit Reviewers and Influencers.

If you’re interested in something specific and aren’t sure, just email Contact.  If you’d like to request a review copy, you can do so through that same address.

A few bits of information about Vicki you might not get in other areas on this site:

  • She resides in Northwest Florida
  • Was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Has lived in Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Illinois, Texas and Florida
  • Her husband of over three decades was a Lt. Col., USAF for 22 years.  He was a hurricane hunter and then moved into the Special Operations command.  Now he’s a wildlife wood artist
  • Her children are grown and now parents
  • She’s calls her grands her angels and they consider Gran a total pushover
  • Her companion for 14 years was Alex, a 110 pound Weimaraner who went everywhere with her and always wore her seatbelt
  • She works hard–unless it’s baseball season . . . or soccer season . . . or there’s a ballet class to watch . . . or it’s girls day out.  Then she’s at the games, watching the Angels twirl, or soaking up fun time and making memories with the Angels and their moms doing . . . well, girl stuff.
  • She loves to remodel and withstood a six-month moratorium on knocking down any walls–at her Hubby’s request
  • She gave up oil painting, crocheting, embroidering, cooking, and a career as a director of operations for a corporate chain for writing


Book covers are on the Books page, and on each book’s individual page, you’ll find Readers’ Group Guides (when available) and lots of goodies that pertain to that specific book.

Social Media links are at the bottom of every page on the site.  Just look down and to the left.

If you’re interested in having Vicki guest blog, contact her HERE with your request.  She loves blogging and will assist as best she can.

If you still have questions or need assistance, email anytime.

We appreciate your efforts and are happy to do all we can to make your job easier.


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