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Guest Post: In the Details by Mary Alford

Mary Alford

Written by Vicki Hinze

On February 6, 2024

It’s my privilege and pleasure to have Mary Alford guest blog here today about her new release, Deadly Mountain Escape.  I have enormous respect for the woman and her books, so it is with pleasure, I invite you to hear from Mary Alford.


In The Details

As authors, we diligently pour hours of research into our books just to make them as believable and as enjoyable as possible for our readers. The characters have to be relatable—the setting perfect and fitting for the storyline.

All the ingredients must be just right so that when we sit down to write the book, the story comes to life for us as well as the reader.

In other words, it’s all in the details.

When I wrote Deadly Mountain Escape, my latest release from Love Inspired Suspense, I knew I wanted a location that would be in the mountains, because in my mind they add another layer of suspense to a story. Mountains seem to draw their own weather. They create storms and attract them. They make the perfect place for danger.

I chose the Tobacco Root Mountains in Montana which rise high above the Ruby Valley. The valley is where my heroine’s family has owned a ranch for several generations. I created a small Amish settlement at the base of the mountains where my hero, Jonas Knowles, once lived before leaving the faith after his pregnant wife went into labor and died while he was trapping for fur in the mountains. Losing both Ivy and their baby, Jonas knew he couldn’t remain in the community and see Ivy everywhere he looked.

The story revolves around a search for missing women who are being trafficked but there is a backstory that ties the current missing women to the death of Deputy Charlotte Walker’s fiancé, as well as a secret that will reveal the bad guy has been hiding much closer than Charlotte ever imagined.

Deadly Mountain Escape features an adorable K-9 search and rescue dog named Annie. Annie is a bluetick coonhound and was the last dog trained by Charlotte’s fiancé Ryan before his death. Annie and Charlotte have a special connection because of Ryan. They’ve helped each survive the pain of the past year.

When Charlotte’s life is threatened, Jonas risks his to save her and another woman targeted for death. Thrown together by danger, Charlotte and Jonas must work to find the women who will be forced into trafficking and save them before they’re moved out of the county and into an unimaginable existence.

With the help of Abram, Jonas’ former brother-in-law, and Lainey, the young woman Jonas saved, they fight to survive the danger nipping at their heels and bring the bad guys to justice.

And with Annie’s assistance, Charlotte and Jonas find the future they both so richly deserve.

Every story has details that help to bring it to life for the reader. The characters’ backstory. The perfect location. A plot that will keep you turning pages.

And a happy ending that will make the emotional journey worthwhile. I hope that’s what readers find in Deadly Mountain Escape.

Here’s the story’s blurb:

Can this officer stop a trafficking ring?

Or will deadly criminals stop her first?

A search for a missing young woman becomes a nightmare for K-9 deputy Charlotte Walker when she stumbles on a trafficking ring and is captured. Death seems certain until she’s rescued by rancher Jonas Knowles. Together, they take shelter in the Amish community he left behind. But they can’t hide forever—not when the criminals are still after them, and countless girls are at risk…

Deadly Mountain Escape is now available at Amazon and other book retailers.

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All the best,

Mary Alford  


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