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Why Peggy Webb wrote SNOW BRIDES in the STORMWATCH Series

Written by Vicki Hinze

On January 10, 2020

Authors write books for a wide variety of reasons.  Today, I asked USA Today Bestselling Author Peggy Webb why she wrote SNOW BRIDES in the new STORMWATCH series.  Here’s what she had to say:


During a thirty-five year writing career, I’ve had the good fortune to become friends with some really talented writers from across the country. My enduring friendship with the other amazing, bestselling authors in STORMWATCH was the starting point for the collaboration on this romantic suspense series. The trust and respect we have for each other, both personally and professionally, made it easy to say yes to this project.


Each novel in the series tracks the same horrific snow storm through the Midwest, but each story is unique to the author, a huge plus for me—and, I hope, for the reader. I knew I could give my fans the down-home characters and the touch of humor they’ve come to expect from me. I also gave readers my dog! My fans know of my deep love for animals, particularly my Labrador retriever Jefferson, who sat at my desk for fifteen years before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I transposed Jefferson’s big heart to the pages of Snow Brides, recreated him as a Search and Rescue dog then thrust him into the Superior Wilderness to search for a missing college girl, along with his handler, the victim’s mom. I hope you enjoy Snow Brides and all the diverse books in this suspense series. As always, thanks for reading!

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