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Vicki Hinze, Thank You to Readers


Thanks for Reading, Readers!


Writers write for readers.  They have something to say that they want readers to hear.  With specific hopes and dreams for each book, the writer releases it, and when readers do read and let the writer know how that book impacted the reader, it means the world to the writer.

Some notes are humbling, some awe-inspiring because the writer didn’t realize things were in the book that the reader got out of the book.  Some touch your heart in ways you can’t begin to verbalize but will never forget.

Readers also have a huge impact on what writers write.  If readers write wanting more of a specific kind of book, then writers tend to write those kinds of books.  They want readers to be happy and to enjoy.  They want them to feel they’re being heard.  And when readers don’t like a type of book or story, writers do hear them and try to determine if that is the prevailing opinion or a hot button with specific readers.

The bottom line is writers spend a lot of their lives writing–learning how, doing it, making adjustments and struggling to get it right.  That couldn’t happen–the getting it right–without readers.  Every attempt would be a stab in the dark, hoping and dreaming your purpose for writing the book is fulfilled but remaining clueless and in the dark on whether or not it ever is fulfilled.

So I want to thank readers.  For reading.  For taking the time to send emails and letters and posts on Facebook and Twitter and the rest.  For posting reviews of the books on bookseller sites and blogs.  For all of it.  It means the world to this writer.

I am grateful for each and every one of you, and I hope you’ll stay in touch.  Here are some Tips on doing that:

  1.  You can contact me privately anytimethrough the website’s Contact page.
  2.  All of the social medialinks are at the bottom of every page on the website.
  3.  Join the Newsletter and/or Remind Me list.  Remind Me readers receive onlynotes on releases.  The Newsletter readers get all the news on books, contests, advance notice of new releases and other noteworthy things, like special sales.
  4. Review my books.  I appreciate all reviews.  If you want to review one, on the Books page, click the cover of the book you want to review.  Then click the icon for the place you want to review the book (i.e. Amazon icon).  It’ll take you to that book’s page on the desired site.

No writer can continue to write if in a vacuum.  Your feedback is the breath that sustains the writer and keeps her in her chair working.  I did an article on this for my blog not long ago, but I wanted to post in a permanent place my gratitude and to let you know how much your feedback means to me personally.  I most sincerely thank you.  You are a blessing to me.

Wishing you joy, contentment, and many, many…

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