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Bringing Home Christmas: A sweet Christmas read that any Hallmark fan will enjoy.

Although this is a light hearted Christmas romance, I see a book club having several questions to discuss. How do you handle this situation, how do you handle the family and friends that kept info from you? Why do small towns, even Christian small towns feel the need to be in everyone’s business, etc. Did David and Lauren make the right decisions?  –More than a Review


So Many Secrets: Fast-Paced Page-Turning Mystery

“This fast paced, page turning mystery is the second in the new 4 book min-series BREAKDOWN. Vicki adds her own flavor to this exciting new mini series with her book that is distinctly her own voice as she tells a passionate story of searching for the truth. Enjoy, then grab the other two books as they come out this month!” -JW Reinhold


Black-Market Body Double: Thrilling from Start to Finish...

“Action packed from the first sentence to the last one. I loved the premise of the story and the suspense of it kept me involved the whole time. Amanda and Mark were certainly well written characters with high stress jobs and more than a few skeletons in the closet that caused great caution in relating to others. Strength of character wins out in the end.” OzFarmerGirl

GIRL TALK:  “A Lovely Tribute to Female Friendships.  Fans of Elizabeth Berg’s TALK BEFRORE SLEEP will enjoy GIRL TALK. This novella is sassy and funny, fiercely honest and heartbreaking. Told by letters exchanged through the years, the story captures the highs and lows of four friends as they move from girlhood to maturity. Every woman who cherishes her friends should read GIRL TALK.”  –Peggy Webb on Girl Talk

CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN:  “Intense! I love any stories about Christmas, and especially any mystery stories about or during the Christmas holidays. This series is one of the most intense that I’ve read, and I cannot wait until the next book appears! It’s definitely on my BUY IT NOW list!” –Sammie Gross via Amazon.com on Christmas Countdown “How has this author escaped my reading radar? I’ll definitely be looking for more of her books!” –Dora Hiers 

NOT THIS TIME:  “Get It, Get It, Get It NOW!!!  From page one of Not This Time, I said to myself, “Hang on girl, this is gonna be a good one!” Hinze is a master at weaving a story full of intrigue, faith, love, redemption and plain ole “sit on the edge of your recliner” suspense.” –Jennifer McIlwain via Amazon.com on Not This Time

ALL DUE RESPECT: “I have read many of Hinze’s later novels, especially those released in the Christian genre. Having really liked what I’d read, I wanted to see how she did in the “secular” romance and suspense areas. I did enjoy the book. This is definitely a character driven novel, even though there is plenty of action, especially at the end.  For those who have read Hinze in the Christian genre, there is some language and immorality in this book. It is suitable to the general public, in rather good taste, and the immorality is certainly not descriptive.”–Joan N. via Amazon.com 

SURVIVE THE NIGHT, LOST, INC.: “Survive the Night was stunning. No other word for it. The characters leap off the page and the suspense and danger take you into a plot full of twists and turns. But the emotions make it a book that will stay with me. Della and Paul both have so much to give – and so much to lose – as they risk life and love. Definitely a page-turner, this was an absolutely wonderful read. I can’t wait for the next books in the new Lost, Inc. series.”–Regan Black

SURVIVE THE NIGHT, LOST, INC.: “I always look forward to Vicki Hinze’s books. I make certain I know when they are being published. Her new series is Lost Inc. I love it!! Survive the Night is Della and Paul’s story. They are down to earth, they are the people next door. The people in Lost Inc. are former military investigators. Vicki is relevant, she grabs you in the first few pages and reels you in!! Survive the Night is the first book in the series, don’t miss it!”  — Caron T

ACTS OF HONOR:  “Ms. Hinze had me hanging right til the last minute. ” Shemah Fletcher via Amazon 

ACTS OF HONOR: “I waited with bated anticipation for her next book. ” Jean via Amazon on Acts of Honor




  “Well, the first thing I have to say about this author, Vicki Hinze, is that she is BRILLIANT! I absolutely could not put this book down and was drawn into the story from the very first few paragraphs of the first chapter! In Deadly Ties, Ms Hinze weaves a beautiful picture of love, courage, forgiveness, and the sovereignty of God in all things. Mark and Lisa (main characters in the story) travel a journey that involves ruthless murder, emotional and physical abuse, kidnapping, human trafficking and cyberstalking. Those things don’t sound so beautiful do they? However, through this suspenseful story Ms Hinze helps the reader to understand the truth that “it’s hard to walk in faith when we’re in one of life’s long and dark tunnels. It’s easy to feel forgotten and lost and helpless and hopeless. But we’re not. In God’s own time, He reveals that to us, and rather than feeling forgotten, we know that He was right there with us in that dark tunnel, gently leading us to His light.”  –Jennifer C. Mcilwain

“I usually Don’t Read a lot of Christian Fiction or books that doesn’t have cuss words or sex and  full all out PDA and romance seems in this day and age its in everything tho Vicki has done it awesomely with this series and this book I am hooked on it the characters were endearing and hits a place deep in your heart I loved it.  This was just an awesome series and I defiantly  need to read more of this series and I recommend others do so as well.” –SiNn

“Lisa’s unconventional warfare with her masochistic stepfather–is extremely compelling and there are plenty of exciting twists and turns to keep the reader super-glued to the pages. One of the reasons I like Deadly Ties is that the romantic element of the plot takes a backseat to the heart-stopping action.  Hinze also inserts the element of faith into the plot very well. Mark and Lisa grapple with the age-old questions, “Where is God when I’m surrounded by so much evil?” and “How do I keep a proper faith perspective of God when I can’t see beyond my own dark tunnel of tribulation?” The faith-related dialogue and thoughts do not have that feeling of being “tacked on” just to slap a Christian label on the book, but are genuine expressions of the suffering believer. And the overarching message of the book is one more people need to take to heart–God is good, no matter what the circumstances, and He is faithful to work all things together for the good of those who love Him.”  – Kate, The Parchment Girl

“This is book two in the Crossroads Crisis Center series. I am always eager to read sequels, wondering if they will be as good, or better than the first in the series. In this case, it is even better. I literally could not put this book down. I was pushing to finish it before I left for work, and succeeded. Totally awesome. My favorite genre’ to read is mystery/suspense, and this author nails it.  If Christian fiction was a ball game, Vicki Hinze hit a home run with this.” –Mark Buzard

“I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! A very suspenseful and action packed novel that held on to me long after I finished the book.” –Kate Schwartz

“Vicki Hinze is a delightful author, who takes the reader on a  journey of emotions.  The characters are full of personality.  Throughout the story, you will find life changing truths that one could apply to their own life.  This was a new author for me and I will be looking to read more of her writings in the future.  I would rate this book 5 stars and would highly recommend it to my friends.” –Sherree Elmore,

“I related to the reminder that God has a purpose for each of us and while many hardships in our lives seem senseless and sometimes impossible to bear, there comes a time when we can look back and see how they prepared us for His purpose. I believe I have finally reached that place in my life where I can see how the pieces of my past experiences fit into my present.  If you enjoy action packed intrigue with a bit of romance, you’ll love this book. Although this is the sequel to Forget Me Not, I can verify that you will not have had to read the first book to thoroughly enjoy the second. This is the first of Vicki Hinze’s books that I have read but I will definitely be looking for more.”  –Mary Russel

“…will keep you on the edge of your chair quickly reading to see the outcome. This is one hard to put down book that really delivers and one that you will not want to miss! Suspense with romance at its best!” –Kathy Warth

“Deadly Ties is an action packed, suspenseful novel that will keep you reading late in the night. Only by the grace of God, and many prayers can they endure the unthinkable in this love story.” –Little Homeschool on the Prairie

“OMG this book is like so good and intense. I don’t want to give too much away but man this is one hell of a mystery…” –Kimberley Gaines

“Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze was not just good-it was really, really good!!!!. This has to be one of the best ever suspense books I have read. What a storyline that kept you guessing and guessing the outcome. She’s a super writer.”  –Vicky Gastineau

“Vicki Hinze does an excellent job of taking the reader on a suspenseful journey. She kept me turning the pages, not wanting to put the book down. Even before I was finished with the book, I was searching for more of her books.” –Holly Jones

“Even though the plot is not something that would happen to your average Joe, the emotional struggles are something that other Christians can find themselves going through at different levels. This made the story more intimate for the reader. Instead of just reading about some crazy suspense story or some fantastical romance, we read about two Christians struggling to survive trials. It was nice that they were not super Christians who could handle anything without a single emotional response.” –Hollie Rushmeyer

“Vicki Hinze is a fantastic writer and I really like her work because of her way of developing the character – it made me feel so connected with the main characters of this book, Annie, Lisa, and Dutch. They were each unique and faithful in their own ways.  I like how this book had a faithful element in it but wasn’t too overwhelming, like some Christian books can be.”  –M.Y.

“…plenty of thrills (and some serious chills) while reading this book in the light of day.  Despite the suspense, violence, and dramatic tension Vicki has placed God in the forefront of this story.  It amazes me that very often, the most suspenseful and edgy stories have the strongest Christian messages.  Vicki wrote that message very well, made it believable and made Deadly Ties a surprisingly uplifting story.”  –Carly Bird’s Home “Great Story! This author pulled you into the story right from the start. I haven’t read anything by this author so didn’t know what to expect. But this tale had it all, romance, mystery, suspense, intrigue.” –Love 2 Read Novels

“I am always eager to read sequels, wondering if they will be as good, or better than the first in the series. In this case, it is even better. I literally could not put this book down. I was pushing to finish it before I left for work, and succeeded. Totally awesome. My favorite genre’ to read is mystery/suspense, and this author nails it.”  –Thoughts of a Sojourner

“There is a great message to the book that lets one know that God has not forgotten them even though they may think he has without it being overly preachy.” –Miss Lynn’s Books “Truly and unforgettable novel! Vicki Hinze has mastered the art of suspense and romance all in one book, Deadly Ties! This novel was a great reminder that even in those times when it seems like God has forgotten us, that is not the case! He has a wonderful plan for us and He can use events in our lives to make us into the person He wants us to be. We can rest in Him, even if we cannot see the big picture. We do not have to be “fumes-of-faith” Christians. He has more than “fumes” for us. We also get His blessings and His strength. Deadly Ties was such a great reminder of that!”  –Gretchen

”Could not put it down!  Just  when you thought you had read all the books that were your absolute favorites, here comes a new one. A book that leaves you yearning for more of the story. I loved the first book in the Crossroads Crisis Center series, but this one just topped it! Vicki Hinze is such an excellent author, and her way with suspense and mystery sets her high on my list of favorite authors.” –Cindy Loven

“Hinze dealt with the horrors of human trafficking and other contemporary issues masterfully.” –Musichick182

“This was my first Vicki Hinze novel. I am a sucker for a good love story and I love sitting on the edge of my chair in suspense, but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this novel. She definitely delivers.”  –Amanda

“AN AMAZING INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE/SUSPENSE/THRILLER!! A MUST READ! DEADLY TIES by Vicki Hinze is an exciting inspirational suspense/thriller set in present day Atlanta,Georgia.(Crossroads Crisis Center Series). It is the sequel to “Forget Me Not”,but can be read as a stand alone. It is written with depth and details. It has romance,faith,adventure,love,friends,spousal abuse, human-trafficking,forgiveness,trust,control,healing and second chances. The characters are believable,engaging and will capture your heart. This is a fast paced,action packed suspense,romantic adventure that will have you captured from the first page to the last. This is a powerful story of the beginning of love and trust entwined with a powerful drama of lost,human trafficking and pure evil. I would highly recommend this book to any one to enjoys suspense,thrillers,and romance. It does have faith entwined into the story but it is not preachy.”  –April A. Renn

“Deadly Ties is a fast-paced thriller, packed with action and suspense.”  –W. Burke

Questions from Readers Click the + sign for the answers.

From your web site, you are an advocate for authors, so why aren’t you on the Board for any of your writing organizations?

I was on the Board of Directors for ITW and served as the Awards VP, but I prefer to work behind the scenes.  I’ve headed many committees for RWA, worked on many more, and I’ve served as a consultant to its Board of Directors.  I’ve also served as a liaison and mentor for the entire PRO program, as website director, and as  newsletter editor for several chapters.  Serve similarly as a Board Consultant for Emerald Coast Writers and assist with various other programs.  I handled merchandising and work to gain member benefits for ITW—International Thriller Writers–and also served on its marketing committee.  I answer questions for members of MWA—Mystery Writers of America and Sin-C—Sisters-in-Crime.  Additionally, I started and ran the Bombshell Authors group and created and maintained the IT Girls website.

Those commitments aside, for many years, I’ve helped writers on a daily basis in my Writers’ Zone(formerly Aids4Writers) program, and through the Edna Sampson Benevolence Fund, which helps writers in financial straits.  In 2009, I co-sponsored and will annually the Edna Sampson Award of Excellence, honoring the writing of an as yet unpublished author.  Edna Sampson was my mother, and she held a deep love and respect for books and for writers.  Involvement with these awards named in her honor is a privilege and a pleasure.

This isn’t a complete listing of my organizational involvements, but I hope it’s enough that you get the idea.  I do get involved and try to do my part to make the organizations beneficial–it is, I believe a member’s duty to do so–I just don’t talk much about what I do on those fronts.

How do you work?

The short answer:  Hard, and all the time.

The long answer:  I’m a goal-oriented person and extremely organized for a creative professional.  I want to do a lot of things, and to be able to, I have to be disciplined and organized.  Otherwise, I get mired down, and then I’m miserable.  I never intentionally court misery.

I do work at order, starting with an annual review.  I look at what I’ve done, how I’ve done it, and then choose what to keep and cull the next year.  I focus on mind, body and spirit and work on all three every year.  There’s a FEATURE ARTICLE , “Why We Need a Plan,” which goes into this topic in specific detail.  There’s even an example of my annual Dream Sheet in the Writers’ Library, which breaks down by category my focus.

To some, I’m sure that sounds anal.  But to live my life on my terms–I have many irons in many fires, and to juggle them without losing my sanity–I need structure.  So I’ve created a plan that works for me.

Am I at my desk by 9:00 every morning?

No.  Often I’m at it at 2:00 in the morning or until 2:00 in the morning.  I ignore clocks.  They’re a pet peeve.  I work when I work, and stop when I’m done.  I have daily goals and a lengthy, prioritized To-Do list and that keeps me on track and productive.

Do I work on one writing project at a time?

No.  I typically work on four projects simultaneously, each one in a different stage of development.  I have worked in a linear fashion on a single book from start to finish, but it’s an oddity, not normal for me.

How long does it take to write a book?

Speaking as honestly as I can, it depends on the book.  Some come to me full-blown.  I test them for strength, depth and worth, and breeze through the writing, averaging between 20 and 30 pages per day, with many 50-page days.  Other books come slowly, element by element, and require a lot of background work, research, and intense development on all levels.  And then comes the testing, which often results in even more work being required before the first word of the book is ever written.

In the end, which kind of book it was doesn’t show.  But there’s an amazing amount of difference in creating them, and I never know which kind of book one will be until I tackle it.

What I can say is that it takes what time it takes.  You work with it until it’s the best you can create at the time.  If that’s weeks, super.  If it’s months, that’s pretty normal.  If it’s years, it’s years.

Do I write at the computer or elsewhere?

I write all kinds of ways and in all kinds of places.  At the computer keyboard, in longhand, on the edges of newsprint—you name it.  Writers often get locked into thinking they can only write one way.  I fight that by writing whenever, wherever, however.

I write in my recliner or at the beach, the park, local restaurants, my back yard deck or in the car (though not while driving; I pull over), using the laptop or pen and pad or a little Sony voice recorder.

In the office, I usually write on the computer—sometimes keying in, sometimes with MacSpeech voice recognition software.

If I get stuck, (feel puny, or I’ve written myself into a wall), I write at the kitchen table.  When I was a kid, my dad told me 99% of all genius is created at a kitchen table.  It’s never let me down, failed to unstick me, or to punch a window into that wall.  (I suspect, largely because I expect that table to work magic, so it does.)

What is your favorite non-writing thing to do?

Family anything.  Talk or be with my husband, kids, and/or my grandchildren.  I don’t care what we do; that’s not important.  My most recent favorite thing was a “breakfast date” with my daughter and two of my angels (grands).   They had been on an outing to the library and my eldest angel had seen some of my books on the shelf and some of her grandpa’s wood carvings there.  She was so surprised and excited.  She drew a picture that the restaurant owner thought was so fabulous she hung it on the wall.  So now my angel says she’s like her Gran and G-Paw.  Her artwork is in a special place, too.  Precious moments like these.  How could they not be favorites?  And, yes, that includes my new favorite restaurant for making my angel feel special.  I expect I’ll get some weird looks when asked and I claim Waffle House as my favorite restaurant.  But truth is truth, and the nurturing that owner did for my angel was a treasure.  I won’t forget it.  Ever. My second most favorite thing is remodeling, but Hubby made me promise to not knock down any more walls for at least six months.  That’s expired, but I can tell he’s just not yet ready for more.

How do you choose where you go to do workshops or lectures?

Like many authors, I receive far more requests than I can accept and still write books and have a life.  I select using a couple of criteria:

  1. Need.  If I can really be of help to a group, then I’ll work around all I can to do so.
  2. Timing.  Requests that fall at opportune times between deadlines make saying yes a lot easier.
  3. Scheduling.  I typically set my travel schedule for the following year in November, so requests received before then are more likely to be worked into the next years’ schedule.  I try to accommodate others, but the earlier, the better.
  4. Purpose.  Workshops or lectures that are associated with events benefiting literacy, eduction, libraries, abused women, children or writers in dire straits are given priority on preferences. (This can be as simple as a signing or raffle that benefits one of those groups or a specific writer in trouble.)
  5. Drafted.  Friends and members of my writers’ organizations draft me now and then, and if I can, I let them.  (So when the need arises, I can draft them, of course.)
  6. The bottom line is that I can’t always say yes.  I do what I can in person, then supplement with online chats, podcasts, blog articles and the Writer’s Zone group, where I answer questions for other writers almost every day.
I hate having to sign in to use the writer’s library on your web site. I always forget passwords. Why did you do that?

Why:  Sorry about that.  I was backed into a corner, and when that happens, I act.  As you know, any writer is free to use the library and I don’t charge anyone a cent for the articles.  But I had several occurrences where visitors were copying and then selling my articles to other writers.  Bluntly put, that ticked me off and I needed a way to restrict them from my library.  Signing in is how I did it.  I am sorry for the inconvenience, but others selling what I write and offer for free just isn’t acceptable.

Last year, I tried again to have the library in an open forum (no ID, no password required).  This time, some were snitching snippets of my articles and connecting them to unsavory products and services.  I can’t have and don’t want those associations, so I had to go back to the ID and passwords.  Before you get upset about that, let me say that many who use the library are minors and I feel a responsibility to do what I can to protect them.  Unfortunately some of the snippet-snatchers were attaching my name/material to nude photos and worse.  Can’t have it.  So as an alternative to closing the library, I returned to the restricted access.

The good news is this is no longer required.  Just go to the On Writing Blog.  No signing in.

I’m a fan of your lady books (Lady Liberty, Lady Justice). Why did you write those Bombshell books instead of the next lady book?

Because I loved them.  I’m not being snarky about this.  I love the lady books and the Bombshell novels and I really wanted to see the Bombshells succeed so I invested in them.  I’m all about encouraging and inspiring women to take care of business and  even when they don’t have all the tools, trusting that if they’re doing something for the right reasons, the tools will come through their own efforts.  It’s how I’ve lived my life.  In short, I related.

That said, the Bombshell imprint of novels failed.  Do I regret having invested?  Not at all.  I still love the books.  So I’m not giving up my Lady books–they’re empowering and have smart, savvy women, too.  I’m just broadening horizons, writing books I feel compelled for one reason or another to write.

I’ve been compelled to write Christian fiction.  I’ve finished my first two series of inspirational thrillers (yes, they have romantic elements), CROSSROADS CRISIS CENTER series, and the LOST, INC. series, and I love them.  So I guess there’s a trail-blazer aspect to this, too, though I don’t typically think of it in those terms.  I love genre blending and doing something to expand current markets and entice new readers to read.

I’m working on DOWN AND DEAD, INC, a series of Romantic Cozy Mysteries with a humorous element (born out of characters).  What fun!

What is your #1 rule on what you write?

I will not write a book I don’t love.  Just won’t do it.  Don’t care about the money, the prestige, or any other benefit that can come from it.  Writing takes time, and my time is my life.  That’s valuable to me, and I’m not wasting a second of it writing something I don’t love.   This is, by the way, my only writing rule.

Where did you get the name Caron Chalmers in Mind Reader? It’s my name and I’ve never before seen it in a book.

I made it up. I loved the name Caron. When I was a kid, I went to Dallas for the summer and met a neighbor’s daughter. Her last name was Chalmers. I hadn’t heard the name before (heavy French influence in New Orleans, where I grew up). I never forgot the name, and I thought of it when I named Caron. I loved the sound of the two together, so Caron Chalmers (the fictional one in MIND READER) was born.

Seascape, Lady, War Games—why do you write so many books in series? I like it, I’m just curious if you do it because it’s advantageous or what?

Actually, I do it because it’s how I think.  I rarely get an idea for a single book.  Ideas usually come to me in clusters.  Even books where I have written only a single book, like The Prophet’s Lady, characteristics are built in (The Elders) where I could go back and write more books using the same premise, making it part of a series.

I don’t know why I think this way, but I do, and rather than fight it, I work with it.  I love the stories and the people in them, so it might be that I just hate letting go and, by writing series, I don’t have to let go as quickly.  That could be part of it, but honestly, it’s just the way I think.  One reviewer said that I write each book like a TV series episode.  I hadn’t thought of it in that way, but I can see truth in it.

I’ve missed several of your books. How can I make sure I know when a new one is coming out?

That information is always on the writing web site (www.vickihinze.com).  But if you need a reminder, just sign up for the mailing list on the CONTACT page.  I never share my list, and you will get a note to let you know a new book is out.

Are you ever going to write Serena’s story? I need a Miss Hattie fix.

You know, I’m stunned at how often this question comes up.  I haven’t written in the SEASCAPE series in over a decade, but I’m asked at least once a month about this.  I enjoy visiting Seascape Inn, and, I confess, I’d really like to know who is in that third grave on the island.  The only way to find out is to write the book.   I’m not opposed to writing another SEASCAPE novel; I just haven’t gotten to it.

In 1995, I shifted from writing novels with paranormal elements to military suspense and intrigue.  Then I branched out into suspense and I’ve just sort of been in that mode and mindset.   Now the Christian fiction has my head and heart and I expect it will from now on.  It’s exciting, incorporating full-fledged all three aspects of human beings.  I positively love it that the spiritual conflicts are as prominent as as the suspense and emotional conflicts.

That said, these requests on SEASCAPE coming in so often have my attention.  Additionally, my dear friend, Elizabeth Sinclair, nags me for a new Seascape novel often.  She’s pretty persistent, so we’ll see how the schedule works out…


Here’s What You’re Saying about Vicki’s Workshops

“The class was amazing! My head is still swimming with knowledge but in such a positive way! I have already written three pages! They are only notes and thoughts at this time but a beginning none-the-less!!”

“You were able to impart a great deal of useful information, fluff free, in a short amount of time.” “Thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday. Not only was it informative it was inspirational. Writing is such a lonely occupation and to have writers gathered in one place, well, it was just a very pleasant and motivational experience.”

“Thank you for following up with all of the information you have provided.  Your presentation Saturday was very informative, laced with entertainment… I greatly enjoyed it!” “Thank you very much for all the valuable information you provided us, not only at the workshop, but also in your latest e-mail and website. I feel blessed to have met you. Your insight, comments and anecdotes clarified things that I had not even considered up until this point.”

“You are an inspiration in life lessons as well as writing and I appreciate the shot in the arm causing my imagination to come alive again and push thru to do what I love and feel is my calling!”

“Thanks for sharing the “Kill Zone” readers copy as well as the “Writer’s Time Sheet,” “Novel Notebook,” “Networking Part 1 & 2,” and your “Writing Basics” booklet. All provide great insight into what to expect down the road.” “Thank you again for all you do. You are a great inspiration to all of us and I look forward to learning more from you.” 

“Deadly Ties is a contemporary fiction mystery, CSI type book. I believe this is the fisrt book I have read by Vicki and I really enjoyed it, in fact I had a hard time putting it down!  Vicki does a great job of of illustrating how even when we think God is not blessing us, He is preparing us for things we are not aware of. God is always in control and does not make any mistakes.”–Missy “Each year, nearly half-a-million women are trafficked around the world for the purpose of sexual slavery. Against this background, Vicki Hinze has fashioned a potpourri of depravity and trials of faith only she could juggle. DEADLY TIES, Book Two of her Crossroads Crisis Center series, is a roller-coaster thriller of violent twists and breakneck turns – from murder and abuse to human trafficking in an international conspiracy. DEADLY TIES is also a cross-over story that dares to examine a heinous crime most Christian fiction chooses to avoid because it is too horrible  to think about. Not facing Americans forcing Americans into human bondage for servitude doesn’t make it go away. Only a short time ago, a party of three was arrested in Chicago for human trafficking. Can we continue to pretend it doesn’t happen any longer? Vicki tackles this question by reeling us in to her novel like a patient fisherman with characters trapped in human dilemmas, thwarted love and quicksand adventure: a perfect formula for a riveting movie that, in the end, reveals the true drama of forgiveness in the pursuit of justice. I’m not going to summarize the story because I don’t want to spoil the reader’s suspense. You have to read DEADLY TIES to experience its impact, but I think Publisher’s Weekly sums up Vicki’s gift best: She has a talent “for transforming the unlikely into something beautiful.” Truly beautiful, I would say. And worthy of a Christy Award.”–Bonnie Toews

“[I] have read time after time where the main characters go through a hardship and come out engaged and shortly after, married. Now, I understand perfectly that God can and does this in real life from time to time, however, what usually happens in real life is the opposite. In real life, the characters have to learn to cope with what happened, they also have to live as a real life couple outside of all the drama before they are ready to be married. Hinze allows for this to happen. Though it is obvious that Lisa and Mark will get married one day, they both acknowledge on multiple occasions that they need time to live as a couple outside of this horrific experience. I am really glad that Hinze built this level of real life into her story because it made it much more believable. If I had to give this book a score (1-5, 1 being horrible and 5 being great), I would have to give it a 5. Hinze did a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge wanting to read more.”  –For What It’s Worth “Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking. These are crimes that are happening in our country, in some of our own neighborhoods, and Vicki is to be admired and respected for having the courage to write about them with such realism. She does an excellent job delving into the intricacies of each. Bringing me inside the mind of the abuser, which I found quite chilling, and inside the mind of the abused, which I found to be very admirable, made me feel as if I was taking part in the story. There are some disturbing scenes depicted that I could easily visualize but I didn’t feel they were gruesome. “Vicki portrays strong leading characters that struggle with doubt and all life has dealt them. The spiritual element isn’t overpowering, but blends perfectly with the situations happening in the book. In the end they realize that God had been preparing them, through their trials and life experiences, “for such a time as this”. (I can’t remember if that exact phrase is used, but that’s certainly what I concluded.) There’s a familiar cast of characters from the first book in the series, Forget Me Not, so don’t forget to read that one first. It’s not absolutely necessary, but you’ll love the book! Overall, I think if you like to read gripping romantic suspense then this book is for you!”  —duhpaynes

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