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  1. Black-Market Body Double
  2. The Sparks Broker
  3. The Mind Thief
  4. Operation Stealing Christmas

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““Impressively researched and engagingly written military thriller is quintessential Hinze.  Prepare to be swept into the intrigue, the drama, and the action.  Hinze is, in this reviewer’s opinion, the best military romance author out there.””           

A Romance Review


A covert unit of Security Specialists tasked with bringing down GRID, an international organization of black-market brokers of intelligence, weaponry systems, and technology run by the formidable Thomas Kunz, who will do anything to anyone anywhere to destroy America.


Captain Katherine Kane, an explosives expert, receives an urgent summons for help by a tactical team member in a highly classified location that coincides with her mission to investigate a possible GRID connection to a bioweapons cache. GRID is a ruthless terrorist organization that deals in black-market weapons, technology and body doubles. Body doubles successfully inserted into key high-level government jobs for the purpose of stealing classified program secrets GRID can sell.

Aided by the Classified Outpost commander, Major Nathan Forester, Kate finds the weapons cache and far more, and the diabolical GRID-meister, Thomas Kunz, wants her dead for disrupting his operation. Kate must be killed now. Now, when the isolated loner, Kate, most wants to live.

Kate and Nathan collide, and for the first time in her life, Kate knows exactly what the most powerful weapon of all is. But does she dare to use it?

Her life, she willingly risks for her country. But risking her heart proves far more difficult—and potentially more deadly.

Release Date 4/11/19

“Impressively researched and engagingly written military thriller is quintessential Hinze.  Prepare to be swept into the intrigue, the drama, and the action.  Hinze is, in this reviewer’s opinion, the best military romance author out there.”
– A Romance Review


“An action packed military thriller [with] a near perfect villain.” – The Best Reviews


“…a horrifyingly frightening master plot…” – Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today


5 Stars “Air Force explosives specialist Captain Katherine Kane is in the Middle East trailing after a dangerous terrorist Thomas Kunz, a cunning person who runs GRID as a means to destroy America who he obsessively loathes. Thomas has replaced agents with doubles loyal to him. Katherine realizes she can only depend on herself, but the stakes are raised when Thomas abducts Americans to use as hostages.  Realizing she has no choice, Katherine turns to an outpost base commander Major Nathan Forrester for help. He is willing to work with her in freeing the hostages and capturing Kunz, but he also tries to hide his desire for the captain with a gruff exterior; in fact he fears commitment since his wife died a few years ago. However, as the danger mounts for Katherine and Nathan he realizes he can no longer ignore his heart’s insistence that he loves his teammate.  DOUBLE VISION is an action packed military thriller that starts at high octane adrenalin levels and never slows down even when Katherine and Nathan display their growing love for one another. Surprisingly, even with the non stop action, the cast is solid and believable. Especially so is Thomas, a near perfect villain whose hatred of America and willing to do anything to harm Americans seems so genuine that he makes the tale even with two delightful opponents challenging his every move.”– Harriet Klausner


“A thrill-a-minute read.  The action never stops, and Hinze does a great job of showing the attraction between her main characters.”

— Romantic Times


Awards & Honors:

  • Reviewers Choice Award for 2005
  • Winner of the CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award for Silhouette Bombshell for best book read and reviewed by CataRomance in the first half of 2005.
  • Awarded the Blether Silver


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ISBN: 978-1-939016-30-0

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The Sparks Broker is a Clean Read adaptation of the General Market novel, Double Vision, copyrighted and published (Silhouette Bombshell) in June 2005 under ISBN-13: 978-0373513598. 

In 2019, the author rewrote the story, creating The Sparks Broker, a Clean Read adaptation.  This is its first publication.

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