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Inspire Me! Series




INSPIRE ME! Series of Informal Chat Sessions on Writing and Life

Inspire Me! #1: When You Get Knocked Down 

InspireMe! Part 5: Things You Can Control 

InspireMe! Part 2: Things Writers Should Ignore

InspireMe! Part 3: Distractions

InspireMe! Part 4: MustDos 


Vicki Hinze–My Kitchen Table: The Secret to Coping with Old Tapes from Vicki Hinze on Vimeo.

A short chat video on coping constructively with the old “you can’t do it” tapes that play in your head.


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Writing Videos, Podcasts and Audio (Click the + to view.)

Writing Trilogies

Demanding First Draft Perfection

How-To Snag Editorial Interest

An Informal Chat on Events

Thanks for Funding Our Public Libraries

Writers are Born

Value of Memories in Fiction

Reviews and Rejections

Does Blogging, Articles and Mentoring Increase Book Sales?

Clever Diva (Writers) on Beauty

State of the Industry

Keep Those New Years' Resolutions

Responding to Reader Questions

All writers must at times respond to reader questions.  I thought it might be helpful to “sit in” on such a session.  

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