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Writers wear many hats and lucky ones develop relationships with many different groups of people.  I’ve been very lucky and am grateful for the privilege of each and every one.

My sincere gratitude for all you have done to support me and my books.  If you’d like to receive notice of releases, ARCs, bookmarks, promotional materials, autographed bookplates for your library, please drop an email to infoandrequests (at) aol (dot) com and put “Librarian” request in the subject line. You might also be interested in the Newsletter.  There’s an email mailing, and a widget that updates itself.

Please see the Public Libraries and Links pages.  If your library isn’t listed or the link needs updating, please email me here.

On the Public Libraries page, I’ve noted things from the Net to help raise awareness of all the special services and extra miles librarians and their staffs take to serve their communities.


Be sure to visit On Libraries and Librarians!

Lastly, I know that these are tough economic times and budgets have been slashed and strained at a time when more people than ever are depending on their public libraries for far more than books.  Just know that you’re appreciated and your efforts to make a difference in your communities with all your special programs are appreciated.

If you’re interested in my books, contact me. If I can assist in your getting it, I will.

Lastly, if you wonder how I feel about Libraries and Librarians, there’s a page of my quotes here.



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