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Each year, Vicki tackles a Special Project to accomplish some goal.  Whether it’s to create a place for readers and authors to connect over books or to help those struggling or lost on their life’s journey find other strugglers so they can help each other, she initiates and sponsors a project to address identified challenge.

Christians Read


A few years ago, as a Special Project, I started a blog to help connect Christian Readers and Authors to discuss books.  I didn’t fully imagine the shape or scope of that project, and I had no idea it would grow in to a program.

Along with a group of wonderful authors, I blog about books that align with Christian principles.  Most are classified Christian Fiction and Nonfiction, but some are “Clean Reads.”  Meaning they contain wholesome, healthy stories of real people in real situations, who work to actively and constructively solve their problems.

Since inception, at the requests of readers, all of the Christians Read authors have expanded the scope of their blog posts.  We now blog on Christian books, but also on walking the walk of  Christians and how faith interacts with daily life.

You can visit the Christians Read site HERE.

If you’d like to have the blog posts emailed to you, there is a form on the top right on the Christians Read website’s Home page.

Fiction Blog Alliance


Fiction Blog Alliance

After two years, this project was picked up by various organizations negating the need for it to continue.  Success!

Edna Sampson Benevolence Fund



The Edna Sampson Benevolence Fund

This fund assists writers in dire straits and is administered by ACRA out of St. Augustine, Florida

Edna Sampson Persistence Award

The Edna Sampson Persistence Award

This award acknowledges professionalism in writers not yet published.

Bombshell Authors: Women's Action Adventure
Clean Read Books

Clean Read Books

The objective in Clean Read Books is to help readers and authors of Clean Read Books connect.  Clean Read Books is active on Twitter and will soon be emailing a listing of current Clean Read Books to those who opt-in to receive the listings.

Sign up for Clean Read Books email listing here.

Learn more about Clean Read Books at its site,

Book Blogger's Report

Book Bloggers Report


Novelists, Inc. Myspace Group

This project created a central data base where blogging members of Novelists’ Inc. registered and readers could locate them.

Edna Sampson Award of Excellence


The Edna Sampson Award of Excellence

An award acknowledging writers who pursue excellence in their writing and mentor other writers.

Chapter 1 Zone



In a little over a year, this project became obsolete.  Amazon and other booksellers began adding chapter excerpts on their websites, making this project obsolete and no longer necessary.  Success!

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