When You Win and Lose Grace

When You Win and Lose Grace

During the course of a lifetime, we all win some and lose some.  That is the nature of competition and the nature of life.  Learn to do both—to win and to lose—with dignity, respecting yourself, others and the competition. Have you ever heard someone awarded an honor...
Online Suicide Warnings

Online Suicide Warnings

Online Suicide Warnings  By Vicki Hinze Online last night, a public figure was in crisis. Feeling she had failed in her mission, she sank into depression and began speaking of suicide. Some spoke out in support of her, and some actually encouraged her to kill herself....
Spiritual Poise

Spiritual Poise

Spiritual Poise By Vicki Hinze     The financial guru, Warren Buffet, once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” That’s the core of Spiritual Poise.   It’s easy to be gracious and kind when others are being gracious and...
Moments of Grace:  It’s All Fodder!

Moments of Grace: It’s All Fodder!

  When you write, everything relates—it’s all fodder. Every single incident, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, eventually relates. Sometimes incidents combine and we don’t notice them. We’re too busy with the mundane details in...

The Short Answer on Feeling Content

Note to Twitter Users: @vickihinze has been nominated for a Shorty Award in literature and innovation for creating @chapter1zone to help readers connect with authors through the first chapter of their works. If you’d like to support the Chapter 1 Zone...
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