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Tonight’s Big Debate and a Special Sale on NOT THIS TIME

Written by Vicki Hinze

On September 16, 2015

vicki hinze, my kitchen tableFor some reason, a lot of you are asking whether I’ll be watching the debate tonight, so I thought I’d respond here.

Yes. I will watch–at least, I intend to watch. It’s customary to watch all debates in the cycle. Though I have to be honest, if:
1. It’s a slug-fest, I’ll turn it off.
2. If the candidates attempt to elevate their own standings by trashing another candidate, I’ll turn it off.
3. If the candidates start touting their numbers in the polls–in other words, focusing on getting themselves elected instead of sharing their vision for America and Americans–I’ll turn it off.

I guess that sounds harsh to some, but my low-tolerance level light is definitely on, and that’s just the fact of the matter. I want someone who actually knows the meaning of being a public servant–as in, the people aren’t there to serve but to be served. And someone who is solution-oriented, and is bent on doing what best serves OUR nation and OUR people rather than him or herself.

My dream sheet on desirable qualities in candidates is long, admittedly. But if this shaping of the world my kids and grandkids will grow up in isn’t worth that… well, it is? I’m definitely going to be picky, and persnickety–suppose I should just say “extremely selective.”

Something I hope all remember:  Support is not a gift, it’s earned. Give me a reason not to turn the debate off.

Enough politics.  Sure you’re looking for a reason to not turn it off, too.




I do want to share that I ran into a deal on NOT THIS TIME today at The Trade Paperback of NOT THIS TIME is regularly $13.99. It’s on sale for $2.99.  I have no idea for how long, but as of this writing, the sale was on.





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