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BREAKDOWN Series Suspense

Breakdown Series Books

  • the dead girl by Debra Webb
  • so many secrets by Vicki Hinze
  • all the lies by Peggy Webb
  • what she knew by Regan Black

Breakdown Short Reads

  • no looking back by Debra Webb
  • her deepest fear by Vicki Hinze
  • her hidden terror by Peggy Webb
  • trust no one by Regan Black
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“Vicki Hinze at her absorbing best. Crisply written and fast-paced … twists and turns that would put anyone to the test.”           

Carla Neggers

on Deadly Ties

THE BREAKDOWN DEEPENS… Seven years ago, Dr. Dana Perkins, a psychologist who elects to teach kindergarten, suffered a traumatic experience at school in Phoenix. Everything in her told her to leave the school and find shelter.  But Dana knew that was the last thing her students needed…and their needs must supersede her own.  So she stayed until the end of the school year, giving the students the tools they needed to overcome the trauma they all had endured.  But that effort was not without personal costs.  Ones that forever changed Dana’s life…


Short Read.

What is the one moment in time that forever changed your life?

This is the story of that moment in the life of Dana Perkins.  Where her life and purpose were defined, and she had to choose to stay on her current path or risk everything for one that would challenge and fulfill her in ways, at the beginning, she couldn’t even imagine.

An Amazon Exclusive

Book Title: so many secrets  Series: Breakdown series – Short Read Publisher: Magnolia Leaf Press Release Date: October 11, 2018 Trade E-Book  ASIN: coming soon
“Dr. Dana Perkins holds dual Ph.D.’s in education and psychology but her love is for the kindergarten students. The children she sees as the future and who she is determined to instill a love of learning in. The love of learning that will lead them to better lives. Their lives, their futures are what she has devoted her life to but today she will find that the dangers of this world will seek out even the most innocent …and through her grief and guilt will, send her seeking the quite safety of Shutter Lake….or is it safe?”  –JW Reinhold


“Hinze realistically confronts a difficult topic head on and pulls no punches. No preaching. No politics, No propaganda. So rare these days! So refreshing!  This one kept me up well past my bedtime.”  –Diane Kelley


“A tale not to be missed.”  –Teacher Nanna


“A very emotional short story.  Five stars.” –Sarah


“Emotionally gripping.”  –Blonde Betty


“With precise description of character, setting and plot, Ms. Hinze’s short novella prologue has me anticipating her novel due out in October 2018.”  –MB Paxon


“Dana deals with her grief, with survivors’ guilt!”  –Booklover





Vicki Hinze, Take 10 and Read 3, So Many Secrets

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