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It’s Release Day for ALL THE LIES–Meet Julia Ford!

Written by Vicki Hinze

On October 18, 2018

It’s October.  It’s Thursday.  That means a new BREAKDOWN novel is being released!


Meet Julia Ford.  Julia, like me, came to Shutter Lake for peace and safety.  Being an investigative reporter, Julia was used to investigating brutal crimes and interacting with some unsavory elements.  She’s a southern woman with a dry, quick wit and a titanium spine.  But an event in Chicago proved a challenge even for her.  And so Julia left her life and started over in Shutter Lake.  Now she does articles for Firefly, the weekly there, and her articles on community activities and recipes for healthy living are republished by the Sacramento Bee.  Julia no longer investigates hard crimes.


At least, she doesn’t until Sylvia Cole ends up murdered, and Laney, Ana and I laid a guilt trip on her, reminding her that friends help friends at a Girl’s Night Out.  Whether it was the wine or the crab-stuffed mushrooms at The Wine and Cheese House, or her seeing how upset her friends were at being embroiled in finding Sylvia’s killer, Julia jumped in.  We needed her special skills.  Just because she’d walked away from investigating crimes didn’t mean she’d forgotten all she knew—she hadn’t.  And she was very good at her job, which is what got her into trouble in the first place. You can read about that in her short read, just one look.


Today we’re celebrating the release of all the lies.  Here’s a bit about the story:




Julia Ford is hidden in plain sight in Shutter Lake, her local newspaper column, The Good Life, belying the fact that she was once famous globally for investigative journalism…and for the unthinkable act that put her on the run. But her past shows up in the form of FBI agent “Rick” Richards, looking for a partner last seen in the area. Their search draws them into the hunt for Sylvia Cole’s killer, exposes Julia’s demons and unearths another deadly secret in a once-perfect town built on lies.


Julia fascinates me.  She’s beautiful, artsy, competent, skilled and sharp.  She’s also blunt and tells you exactly what she’s thinking…if it’s something she wants you to know.  But the very things she most needs to talk about, she doesn’t.  At least not for a long time.  Julia learned the hard way to question everything and to be extremely judicious in who you trust.  Your life could depend on it.  She’s lived that firsthand, and it’s hard to argue with logic like that.


All the Lies, like the other BREAKDOWN novels, is an Amazon exclusive. You can get a copy HERE, and a copy of the short read Just One Look HERE.



Also, Peggy Webb,  Julia’s author, has a Share Contest going on on her Facebook Page. You can enter HERE.



A reminder that The BREAKDOWN novels are best read in order.  That would be:

  1. the dead girl by Debra Webb
  2. so many secrets by Vicki Hinze
  3. all the lies by Peggy Webb
  4. what she knew by Regan Black


I hope you’re enjoying the series.  Yesterday, a reviewer called it “an epic whodunit.”  I liked that.  Mainly because we’re not stopping until we find Sylvia Cole’s murderer and we know our town—and my students—are safe from an unknown killer among us.


Happy Reading!






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