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We Do and Will Reap What We Sow

Written by Vicki Hinze

On March 29, 2012

An election is coming and we’ve all got our concerns.  I wish I could say that all sides will be open and honest and fair, but I can’t because history disputes it and expecting that to change between now and then . . . well, we believers pray on it, but apparently it’s not yet God’s perfect time.  When it is, He’ll let us know.  Until then, we muddle on, trying to decipher what’s said and compare it to what’s done and work through the maze to find truth.  It’s not easy.


But America has never been easy.  It’s always been a place where the liberties enjoyed jeopardize us, too.  We get huge doses of the ying and the yang.  It’s still the best thing going.  And I still dare to dream of a day when public servants actually serve the public and aren’t self-serving, preserving or enhancing their personal positons or careers.


The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments on the most major piece of legislation in many, many years.  It impacts us all.  And I wonder if personal partisanship will outweigh the Constitution.  I wonder how much liberty we’ll lose before we say, “Enough.”


The pros and cons are significant and the impact of all that’s going on is significant.  Not just to you and me but to all.  All who are, all who will be.  I pray a lot for our country, for our leaders, and for those following in our footsteps who will deal with the consequences of our actions or inactions.  I pray for the greatest good, for wisdom and wise counsel.  I pray for peace—with the world, within our nation, within our people.



All too often, the quote that runs through my mind is the one from the Bible about a house divided.  Some would say our nation is truly a nation divided.  But if you look closely, that which binds us is bigger and broader and runs deeper than that which divides us.  It’s a small percentage in truth—a very vocal but small percentage—that is on the fringe.  According to our laws, they have the right to be there, so we shouldn’t judge them or fault them for their opinions.  That’s easier said than done at times, I know, but it’s right.


A short while ago, I spent some time investigating.  While I love my country dearly and am concerned about its future for all the reasons everyone is worried about its future, and while I sorely want my grands to enjoy freedom and liberty and, yes, to grow up in a better place than my generation did, I still realize that even the longest life here is but a twinkling of time.  Eternity lasts far longer.  And so it is those issues, the ones that are directly relative to eternity and how we live here and prepare for that eternity that have supreme importance to me.


There is an attack on religious freedom in this country.  It’s evident to any who choose to look, and one can’t help but wonder why.  Our nation came to be because people sought refuge here from religious persecution.  Now there are those among us participating in it.  And they’re doing so despite the fact that no one is required to participate in religious activity, to express faith, or to follow the precepts of any religion.  This, I don’t understand.


I remember years ago a big controversy over violence on TV.  To me, the argument was wasted effort.  If I thought a show was too violent, I turned it off.  Enough people turn it off, no sponsors support it, and it is gone.  I felt the same way about racy shows, movies, books, and ads.  If I thought people went too far, I turned them off.   Protesting in the street and burning or destroying others’ property never occurred to me.  You don’t violate someone else’s rights to perpetuate your own.  If you do, you’re in the wrong.  It’s not complex. 

Yet we see these things happen over and again.  It’s a sad state of affairs, in my humble opinion, fostered by the misconception that being violent and/or destructive can effect change.  It might, but it isn’t the kind of change you want.  It isn’t constructive change.  How can being destructive render constructive anything?


There is a respect for civility infesting us that is contributing to our decay.  Until we reclaim it, we’ll continue in this downward spiral that is, again in my opinion, breaking the threads that weave our nation into a fine tapestry.  Just as with the examples cited, we have to choose—and staying out of it and doing nothing is a choice.  We can accept the downward spiral as our new norm and reality or we can say, no, this isn’t right and I’m not contributing to it.  Either way, we will get exactly what we choose.  We will reap what we sow.


So many are uninterested and clueless.  They have no idea of our history, of the sacrifices made to give us all we have.  Shoot, many can’t even tell you the names of those holding the highest offices in the land.  That’s troubling . . . and irresponsible.  It shows a lack of understandin

g about how most of the world lives and what a blessing it is that we don’t live that way.  But as we’ve heard so many times, freedom isn’t free, and we truly are a single generation away from the loss ofliberty.  That’s just a fact.  It’s been a fact since the inception of this country.


The Bible tells us that if we turn to God He will heal our land.  A group of moms pray for this every day.   I hope you’ll join us.  You have a stake in this.  Your children and grandchildren do too.


Particular verses in the Bible speak to us at specific times in our life.  The verse that’s been on my desktop for weeks that’s shouting at me is Jeremiah 29:11.  The NIV version of it reads:  “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


If we do our part, God will do His part.  We have his promise.


Either way, we will reap what we sow.



 © 2012, Vicki Hinze


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