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Use It or Lose It

Written by Vicki Hinze

On December 23, 2010

We’ve all heard the age-old phrase “use it or lose it.”   But what does it mean to us?

Typically, I’ve thought of it in terms of exercise.  A muscle unused loses tone and strength.  It atrophies and then it cannot perform.

But if thought and mind are expanded, we see that use or lose it applies to other things as well.  Not exercising our mind leads to dullness of thought, becoming a slow-thinker, or a shallow thinker.

The same holds true for rights.  We’ve done that with our “freedom of religion” in the US for years.  Allowed rights endowed by our Creator to be diminished by man.  Now we see those rights under attack in courtrooms across the land.

Recently near my home, there was a huge case with enormous implications on the right to pray.  When driving down the street, at a local church, I saw a huge sign that read, “GOD WON!”

The truth is God doesn’t lose.  We do.  Every time we tell ourselves, “Oh, it’s a little thing, let it slide,” we weaken our ability to worship freely and openly.  We “politically correct” ourselves right out of our rights.

The founding fathers of our country did not create a country sans God.  Quite the opposite is true, though we’ve weakened the intent by our ignorance of history and of the fifty-six men who created and established our republic.

I suggest we get reacquainted, insist our children are taught our history in school rather than social policy.  When Congress met the first time, it began with a three-hour prayer.  Three hours.  Yet today we’ve slept at the wheel to the point that public prayer and those who pray are vilified.  Within the last month, I watched an expose that warned about the distortions and omissions being deliberately infused into textbooks.  Ones that are contrary to truth.

Two days ago, in a group of mothers, one opted for home schooling because she didn’t want her children exposed to aspects of public school curriculum that were in direct opposition to her family’s religious beliefs.   Now the government has imposed home-school requirements that these same things she opposed be taught in home school programs.  What does she do?

I thought about this for a long time, and I made my decision.  It is, “Just say no.”

The intrusion might seem small but it isn’t.  Nor is it insignificant.  Some things are worth fighting for.  And if a person of faith won’t stand against infringements on his/her faith, for what will s/he stand?

The relationship between an individual and God is a personal one.  Our country was founded on the basis of recognition that our rights are not granted by government but endowed on individuals by our Creator.  If we are to be good stewards of those rights, do our part to protect our faith and bond with our Creator, then we must do our part to defend it.  We must not swallow the dictates of man and sacrifice.

For each time we do, we diminish the strength of our rights . . . and the strength of our bond with God.  We diminish our faith.

So to those fearing loss of parental rights, being coerced into submission of what we know to be good and right, to those who watch the constant chipping away at freedom of religion and choice and speech, I ask this:

Will you use it or lose it?

Each of us must answer that question.  I can only answer for myself.  And accept responsibility for my decisions.   I will not apologize for my faith, will not diminish my bond with God by letting attacks against my faith slide, or allow those who wish to usurp my right to worship, to speak, to attack those rights, go  unchallenged.

God made the ultimate sacrifice for me.  He gave His son.  I will as best I’m able do my part to honor that.  To acknowledge His sacrifice.

I will do my best to use it, not lose it.




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