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This New Day: Clarity v Confusion

Written by Vicki Hinze

On October 3, 2008

© 2008, Vicki Hinze

Times are tough and from appearances they’re about to get tougher.  But here’s the thing:
Times have always been tough.  At no time in recorded history has life been a cake-walk for anyone anywhere.  Everyone has challenges and they either rise to meet them or they don’t.

This is today’s position.  Whether you’re talking about on the governmental front or the front centering on your personal life.  We all have challenges.

And so it’s important to keep those challenges in perspective.  To stay calm and clearheaded, because the absence of calm is anxiety and the absence of being clearheaded is being mired in confusion.

Anxious and confused isn’t the best frame of mind or state of being for making the decisions required of us to rise and meet our challenges.


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