Penny Thoughts:  Darkest Moments

Penny Thoughts: Darkest Moments

It’s easy to see the good and beautiful when things are fine.  But when we are in hard, dark times, that is when we most need to see light.  To do that we must focus. How do you focus on light during your rough...
Choose to Be Kind

Choose to Be Kind

In the world, regardless of circumstance, you are free to choose.  Choose to be kind. Some mistake kindness for weakness.  I don’t know why.  It requires little from us to be unkind.  It takes no discipline or self-control to be impatient, harsh, or even nasty.  While...
What Offends Us Today?

What Offends Us Today?

The world has changed.  People… not so much.  We all laugh and cry, are happy and sad.  We all get angry and other people hurt our feelings.  Sometimes they mean to, sometimes they don’t, but pain is pain either way.   The thing is, we can’t all walk around...
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