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Join Us For A Holly Jolly Good Time!

Vicki Hinze, Poised Pen Book Talk Radio

Written by Vicki Hinze

On December 6, 2021

Next Sunday, the 12th at 2:30 PM, I’ll be a guest on Poised Pen Pro’s Book Talk Radio with Tessa and Cindy—and you’re invited!


Here’s what Tessa and Cindy say about the event:


Join Tessa & Cindy for our 1st Annual Christmas Special Podcast.

The weather outside may be quite frightful, but inside the studio it’s quite delightful. So come on in out of the cold, pull up a comfy chair, snuggle up in your favorite cozy blanket, pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa, and join us for a fireside chat with authors: Vicki Hinze, Stephany Tullis, Teresa Keefer, and Sheila Roberts.

We will be chatting about their amazing Christmas stories and favorite holiday traditions.

It’ll be a holly, jolly good time!

Proudly sponsored by Poised Pen Productions.

To drop in, use this link:


Some of the books I’ve written that are about or take place at Christmas are:

Bringing Home Christmas 200 x 300 Bringing Home Christmas

On the eve of their wedding, Lauren Holt receives a text message from her fiancé David Decker saying their marriage would be a mistake.  He is out of the country and will not be returning to Holt Ridge, Tennessee.  Lauren is devastated and the pity and questions from friends in the community drive her to leave her home and move away.  Time passes, a couple of years, and now she’s summoned home due to her ill widowed mother.  Lauren returns and finds David, who had no ties to Holt Ridge, has moved his business there and has been there living what should have been her life!  Now they must work together to plan and execute the community’s Christmas celebrations.  In doing so, can she discover why David called off their wedding?  Can they find their way back to each other?

“Hallmark Movie fans will love this holiday treat!”  Debra Webb, USA Today Bestselling Author


Vicki Hinze, Lost, Inc., Christmas CountdownChristmas Countdown

The Lost, Inc. series


A simple trip home for the holidays is all former FBI profiler Maggie Mason wants.  But a serial killer has other plans.  Trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Maggie finds an ally in Lost, Inc. with private investigator, Dr. Ian Crane.  The handsome widower is reluctant to love again, and the last thing Maggie wants is to put Ian in the line of fire.  Love could cost them everything . . . unless they can find their way to each other in time for Christmas.

“Intense, fast-paced suspense scenes left me holding my breath at times… How has this author escaped my reading radar? I’ll definitely be looking for more of her books!” –Dora Hiers


 Operation Stealing Christmas

The S.A.S.S. series


A covert unit of Security Specialists tasked with bringing down GRID, an international organization of black-market brokers of intelligence, weaponry systems, and technology run by the formidable Thomas Kunz, who will do anything to anyone anywhere to destroy America.

Captain Maggie Holt, the rookie of the S.A.S.S. Unit, faces a trial-by-fire mission when nemesis mastermind, Thomas Kunz, and his GRID organization plan a capabilities exhibition, releasing a deadly virus in the South’s largest shopping mall on Christmas Eve.

Dr. Justin Crowe has developed an antidote to the virus, but to be effective, it must be administered within two minutes of exposure, and it hasn’t yet been field tested.

Working together, can Maggie and Justin stop the attack? Even aided by an entire team of S.A.S.S. unit operatives, their odds are deemed slim, and Maggie fears Thomas Kunz will turn a joyous holiday into a grief-stricken day of national mourning. She and Justin will do all they can, but will it be enough to thwart the diabolical enemy of S.A.S.S. from success in Operation Stealing Christmas?

“Readers will need a seatbelt as this thriller stays at faster than light speed. Delightful speeding rocket ride.” –The Best Reviews


 The Marked Witness

The Shadow Watchers series

The Shadow Watchers were introduced in the Crossroads Crisis Center novels, now they return with their own stories…


Sam and Jaycee once had hoped to build a life together. But she knew too much and had to disappear into witness protection. He knew too much and was high risk for being neutralized. He couldn’t risk her life or that of her daughter.


While hoping for a resolution, there hasn’t been one, and one doesn’t appear possible. But isn’t that when God does His most amazing work? Making a way where there is none? Yet doubt this is His doing comes. Would God send her a stalker?


Yet nothing seems to fit, until Lizzie, her daughter, gifts them with a critical piece of the puzzle—and some advice that might give The Marked Witness—all of them—a future as a family after all…

“This is a great story of goodness winning. Lizzie is the star! Jayce did an amazing job raising an incredible daughter. Everyone will fall in love with her!” –Kindlehope


There are other Christmas stories, and ones that take place over the holidays, but I didn’t want this post to become a book itself.  You’re welcome to glimpse through all the books here.  Many have free 3-chapter excerpts on the individual book’s page.


Be sure to join us at Poised Pen on Sunday!






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