Life Makeover

Life Makeover

Something major happens.  We think about it, and that makes us think about what we thought our life would be like and what it is like.  We compare the two, and often they are poles apart.  That has a strong impact on us.  And it makes us think.   Thinking about our...

Coping with “Old Tapes”

We all have them. Old tapes that run through our minds telling us we can’t do this or that. Only we really want to do those things. So why do those tapes run, and how can we cope constructively with them? That’s the topic in this informal chat video. And,...
Help!  I Hate My Life!

Help! I Hate My Life!

  HELP! I HATE MY LIFE By Vicki Hinze     Every now and then, I receive a note from a reader or another writer who says, I hate my life. And that statement is typically followed by some version of I don’t know what to do. Help!   Reading these notes are...
Cause of Death:  Reading

Cause of Death: Reading

    Yesterday, it was storming. I don’t drive in storms and had a doctor’s visit, so Hubby and I went. While we were out, we had lunch and then headed home. The rain was pretty heavy and so was the traffic, so imagine my surprise when the car in right lane...
Because You Asked

Because You Asked

Because You Asked… Hi, everyone. As you might know, I’ve been ill and am facing a surgery (just a little one, thank goodness), so I’m behind on responding to your questions. I thought I’d address those I can respond to publicly here. (I am working on the ones where I...
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