so many secrets

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Breakdown Series Suspense

Breakdown Series Books

  • the dead girl by Debra Webb
  • so many secrets by Vicki Hinze
  • all the lies by Peggy Webb
  • what she knew by Regan Black

Breakdown Short Reads

  • no looking back by Debra Webb
  • her deepest fear by Vicki Hinze
  • her hidden terror by Peggy Webb
  • trust no one by Regan Black
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“A passionate story of searching for the truth.”

JW Reinhold

THE BREAKDOWN DEEPENS… Seven years ago, Dr. Dana Perkins came to idyllic Shutter Lake seeking safety from a traumatic experience in Phoenix. She became the principal at Shutter Lake School—and found her refuge . . . until Sylvia Cole was killed and one of Dana’s best and brightest students, Vinn Bradshaw, confessed to the murder. A murder Dana is certain he didn’t commit. But who is he protecting? Why? Seeking the truth shatters Dana’s safety. Yet who could have predicted proving Vinn innocent would jeopardize her friends and neighbors . . . and expose so many secrets?

“This fast paced, page turning mystery is the second in the new 4 book min-series BREAKDOWN. Vicki adds her own flavor to this exciting new mini series with her book [So Many Secrets} that is distinctly her own voice as she tells a passionate story of searching for the truth.”  –JW Reinhold


“While an arresting murder mystery, [So Many Secrets] is also a story about loyalty, hope, and the courage to face the truth.” –Books and Spoons


“I was so happy to see a new book by Vicki Hinze, one of my favorite authors. She demonstrates her skill in telling a mystery and absorbing the reader in this dark tale of a town with many secrets. The tension is absorbing…keeps the reader guessing who the real killer is and desiring to know the secrets.”  –Teacher Nanna


“And the Plot Thickens!  As with the first riveting episode, this ongoing tale of murder and mystery continues to hold your attention and keeps you balancing on the edge of your seat. This story is also fast paced and has you guessing who the possible perpetrator could be. Although we learn some secrets, we’re left knowing there’s more yet to be revealed in this challenging who done it as we follow the account of the murder of Sylvia Cole. Stay tuned, you won’t be sorry!”  –Catlou


“Exciting Suspense Series. [So Many Secrets] delves deeper into Sylvia Cole’s life and the secrets she was keeping from – and about – everyone. It seems Sylvia had a darker side, a side not many people knew about, and the more Dana and her friends, including Deputy Police Chief Laney Holt, delve into Sylvia’s life, the more suspects for her murder they find.”  –Lissanne


“The books of the series flow easily from one to the next, so you will hardly know that they are by different authors. It is astounding how well they are all written! This series will appeal to the readers of each individual author as well as anyone who enjoys good thriller/suspense.”  –Teacher Nanna

“Excellent Read.”  –Charlene Greenway


“An awesome read. The more you read the more intriguing the stories are. The characters are complex and each new book adds a new level of depth to the overall series. There are so many questions to be answered and it is just impossible to tell who the killer is. This is a wonderful suspense series that definitely keeps you guessing. I cannot wait to find out what new information will be revealed in the next book!”  –DMCH TX


Book Title: so many secrets  Series: Breakdown series – Book 2

Publisher: Magnolia Leaf Press

Release Date: October 11, 2018

Trade E-Book  ASIN: B07FLD4513

Trade Paperback:  ISBN:  978-1-939016-24-9

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