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Problems? Don’t Despair. Repair!

Vicki Hinze

Written by Vicki Hinze

On August 22, 2016

My Kitchen Table

We all have problems.  It isn’t having them that defines us and creates our reality. It is how we deal with them that defines and creates our reality.

If you take the same issue and five people are dealing with it, you’ll have five different solutions.  All well might be effective–for that individual. But you must look at the issue as it relates to you and your situation and then focus on a solution that works for you.

Yes, you’ll have fundamental guiding principles that will serve you well. Things like honest assessment, responsible responses, doing what you must do with integrity.  But the details of the individual response should dovetail with your specific situation.

An obstacle is to give in to feel overwhelmed or getting stuck fixating on the problem. That never solves anything and it often distorts the complexity of an issue. Little problems, when you focus on only the problem, become larger than life. Bigger than they are or should be. Keep your perspective. Strive to be objective. And once you identify the problem, switch your focus to the solution.

Remember:  no one ever solved a problem dwelling on it. It isn’t until one dwells on the solution that one finds a solution that one can then implement to resolve the problem.

That we have the ability to be flexible and tailor our solutions is an enormous blessing to us. We aren’t one size fits all.  And our responses and reactions to challenges shouldn’t be one size fits all, either.

So understand that you aren’t alone. Everyone has issues. Everyone has challenges. And at times everyone feels overwhelmed by them.

Take a deep breath. Assess your situation and your challenge, then seek a solution to it that offers a resolution and fits you and your situation constructively.

Don’t despair. Repair. In your individual way. A way that is constructive and best for you in your situation.


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