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IT’S THURSDAY–This Week’s Release is The Sparks Broker

The Sparks Broker, Vicki Hinze, S.A.S.S.SERIES

Written by Vicki Hinze

On April 11, 2019

This week, we visit with the S.A.S.S. unit’s Kate.  She’s grumpy, blunt and outspoken, and takes no guff from anyone.  She’s gutsy and loves to blow things up, which makes it a good thing she’s an explosives expert in a place where doing what she loves won’t land her in jail.

Kate is strong and capable, make no doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t vulnerable.  It’s a bit hard to see that at first.  She’s a complicated woman and keeps a lot to herself.  At least until she’s sent to find Kunz’s bio-weapons cache, summoned, actually, and she finds a whole lot more.  She finds weapons and POWs and Outpost Commander, Nathan Forrester, a man who essentially stopped living as the result of a tragedy.

Watching these two battle the villains was great. Lots of suspense and octane. They inspired it.  But watching them battle and fall in glorious defeat with each other… that, for me, was the real adventure, and treasure in this story.

(Author’s Note: Don’t expect a lot of mushy stuff.  Kate lives in high gear. She wouldn’t be caught dead being mushy…)


The Sparks Broker, Vicki Hinze, S.A.S.S.SERIES

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