In this, the fifth and final week of the S.A.S.S. unit marathon of releases, we see the Colonel Drake’s command expands beyond the initial team of security specialists into a new team with special abilities with Dr. Morgan Cabot, an intuitive psychologist.

S.A.S.S. IS…

A covert unit of Security Specialists tasked with bringing down GRID, an international organization of black-market brokers of intelligence, weaponry systems, and technology run by the formidable Thomas Kunz, who will do anything to anyone anywhere to destroy America.


Only one team in Drake’s unit stands a chance of solving this complex puzzle: S.A.S.S. Confidential.

The Special Abilities Team headed by Dr. Morgan Cabot, the only S.A.S.S. team armed with security specialist skills and special abilities. Facing nearly zero odds of success, they will need both. And, going toe to toe with Thomas Kunz and his diabolical GRID organization, they will need courage. Bravery. Resolve.

Accustomed to skeptics, Morgan and her team are tossed steep challenges from allies and enemies. Morgan expects their worst, including attempts on her life. But only when she interdicts the secretive Jackson Stern does she realize any hope of mission success requires she risk not only her life but also her heart.

That risk proves most difficult and most dangerous.



Note:  all 5 of the S.A.S.S. books are in Kindle Unlimited.

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