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Written by Vicki Hinze

On March 7, 2006

Warning: this is a no-edit zone…

Sometimes you just have to give in to events taking place around you and laugh. You can rail at the injustice–and get a sore throat. Raise hell and make everyone in your life miserable–and reap the not-so-appealing rewards of that. Or just say, “Okay, then,” and roll with the punches–or the flow, whichever you prefer.

Last Thursday, I thought, great. I’m going to get on speed again. Yes, a little more to go on the eyes, but the end of the tunnel is so close, and I can see the screen reasonably well now, which is just fantastic. So I come to my computer with great anticipation, almost as eager to write as my darling husband is for me to write. (Like most writers, I get a wee bit cranky when I’m not creating. Well, okay. A lot cranky.)

Anyway, I was excited. And about two minutes into sitting at my computer and feeling oh-so-comfortable and happy to be there, my computer crashed.

Absolutely reveling in the moment only to get zapped.

You can imagine well enough my initial reaction. (Be kind.) And you can well imagine my secondary reaction, which was full-out panic at all the work I’d lost that wouldn’t be recovered. That, naturally led to my third reaction: “Oh, man, am I in trouble here, or what?”

I had to fight despairing, but you know, I really did. And I’m grateful for that. I figured getting all upset wouldn’t fix the computer, and what’s lost will still be lost, so I might as well just accept it and press on.

So rather than spending the day irked to the nines, I took the computer to the guru, told him to do what he could, and then took a friend to lunch to celebrate her birthday. We ate, laughed, talked and walked through a little shopping village near the beach, and just made a day of it.

No, it didn’t resolve the challenge. But I didn’t spend a lot of energy on it, either. I had a great time–and the good news came this morning: only bits of stuff were lost. The computer guru worked his magic and was able to recover things precious to me–like the grans photos.

Rolling with the punch sure took the force out of it–and I got lucky–and some great memories of a good time, too.

I love it when I don’t get into my own way and things work out better than expected. Makes for a nice day. 🙂



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