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Dreams versus Goals

Written by Vicki Hinze

On April 11, 2006

This week, I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger for the Plot Queens. (

I’m running the posts a day behind here. I have to say, they asked really hard questions! Especially for Monday morning. But I hope that their questions and my responses to them will impact you as I was impacted. I stopped and took a hard look. That’s not always a pleasant thing to do, but it is–or can be–a productive thing to do.

An FYI: While I was on their web, I took a look around. Good recipes and all kinds of neat stuff.

Here’s yesterday’s Plot Queen post:

Vicki Hinze’s Dreams vs. Goals

I’m honored to be asked to share my thoughts with the Plot Queens. They’re an amazing group, beloved and much admired.

The Question: What is the difference in your dreams and goals, and why?

The Difference. My dreams are untethered, unfettered, and unencumbered by realities, much less harsh, logical, analytical realities. My dreams are me-isms. What I want, think, feel and believe and, about this, it matters not what others want, think, feel or believe.

My dreams do not revolve not around others’ visions of success, or quests for fame or fortune. They aren’t identified or driven by bottom lines and fiscal accountability but are fueled by purpose and an intense desire to honor my life and in some small way make a difference. My dreams are a product of the idealist, the believer in all things good and right and just and fair–(in my view, of course)–and a desire to illustrate ethics by example and in my work. My dreams are to blaze trails that are worth following.

My goals are more grounded in reality. They are short-term and long-term and specific. To write specific books for specific reasons. To focus on mastering one aspect of craft. To do all I can do to expose my work to readers who might find merit in it. My goals are ruled by the realist, who understands bottom lines and reasonable rates of growth, and expectations.

I’ve realized a lot of dreams and goals–writing and finishing a publishable book (nearly 30 times, so far)–winning specific awards that were important for the symbolism I attached to them. Reaching this or that level, getting these or those reviews, or that specific feedback.

But the most rewarding dream and goal fulfilled is in the feedback from readers who have been touched by my work. That feeds the soul of the idealist and the realist.

I haven’t won a RITA award, which has been both dream and goal because it is recognition by one’s peers. But I have been nominated for one and I am still writing, so the dreamer and realist still hopes. 🙂


Vicki Hinze


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