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Dick Durbin–Serving the Enemy

Written by Vicki Hinze

On June 22, 2005

Warning: This is an edit-free zone.

Well, I just spent an hour writing a letter blasting Dick Durbin for making idiotic comments that compared our US Troops at Gitmo to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot.

It seems some prisoners down at Gitmo had to listen to loud rap music, and some had their air-conditioners turned down so their rooms were hot. And that triggered Durbin making this comparison.

Now I doubt the man is ignorant of history. He is after all in politics. So he surely knows better than to compare turning down air-conditioners and rap music to the MURDER of 14 MILLION people. There’s a hell of a difference in reduced air-conditioning and gas chambers and ovens. But he did it anyway.

Oh, I’m sure his comments were intended as one of those “hit the other political party–above the belt, below the belt, wherever, just hit them”–stupid ass games these party freaks in D.C. play. Durbin probably never considered that he was:

1. Insulting the troops. Comparing them to horrific killers? Fine action for a US Senator, eh? Lemme see how this works out. Put the troops in harm’s way, then insult and demoralize them and increase the jeopardy you’ve put them in.

No, that doesn’t work for me. I think the troops are on the short end and deserve better.

Oh but wait. Called on it, he says, “Oh gee, you’ve got it all wrong. I support the troops.”

That doesn’t work for me, either. Best keep this kind of support. It gets our soldiers killed. One would think a senator would know that…

2. Aiding the enemy. “U.S. senator stands by Nazi remark.” That was the headline on Al Jazeera’s web page. Now this network is notorious for spreading anti-American anything throughout the Arab world. Lemme take a look at this. Well, the news ain’t good. The man’s just undermined America/Americans and upped recruitment–for the other side. Thanks for the inflamation, Mr. Durbin. I wonder if he’s noticed that he’s violated the idealogy and concepts he took an oath to preserve? I wonder if he’s noticed that the only people following his lead are the enemy? I wonder if he’s noticed that the enemy wants Americans–and Iraqis–dead?

You know, I wrote a letter blistering this man’s ears. But anyone who can refuse 130,000 invitations to apologize and stand behind idiotic remarks isn’t apt to learn a damn thing. He figures he’ll get smacked around in the press a little, maybe slapped on the wrist by his political party leader, and bitched out by a few constituents, and then it’ll be over. But God do I hope he’s wrong.

While I really do believe that this was a slam your opposing party comment that he’d not weighed and considered, it doesn’t absolve him from the responsibility of its consequences. He’d made it and then pride made him stand behind it. He’s not the first man to screw up. Everyone does. He’s not the first man pride’s made stupid, either.

Bottom line, whether jockeying for political position or historical ignorance, neither serves the Senate well or the Americans it serves. Time to issue Mr. Durbin another type invitation. One to seek employment elsewhere.

Lastly, he should get on his knees and thank God I’m not running the ethics committee. Because if I were, I’d do my damnedest to bring him up on charges of treason. What he’s done–and even after seeing consequences has refused to apologize for doing–has and will cost good men and women their lives. To do that to score a point in a stupid ass tit-for-tat game between political parties is just despicable. He’s not just a party member; he’s supposed to be an American. A fact too often forgotten in that destructive political party game.


Vicki, extremely ticked and on a tear…

Vicki Hinze

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–Vicki Hinze

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