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Diary of a Novel: October 28th

Written by Vicki Hinze

On October 28, 2005

Warning: this is a no-edit zone…

Well, spit. I just read Chapter 1 and it needs a major overhaul. Too much backstory, pacing is way to slow, and from page 8 on, I automatically reverted to third person, when this novel is to be written in first person.

That’s a common hazard–the reversion–when you’ve been writing third person for many, many projects. And when you’re reading it, because you’re so attuned to third person, you miss it. So re-reading is required. Many times.

So back I go to the beginning. Today is dedicated to a major overhaul. I’m going to lose some work I really like. The candance, I mean. The emotional tug. But even if you love it, if it doesn’t best serve the novel, out it goes.

The saving grace is I’m not having to envoke my Hundred Page Rule. (Typically, if I veer off the planned progression, I follow the new direction for a hundred pages. If it works, I keep it. If not, I ditch it and start again and the point I veered. This is essential because often the subconscious has worked out challenges the conscious mind hasn’t yet grasped.)

So today’s goal is a revamp to a leaner, meaner more effective and reader-friendly Chapter 1.

Wish me luck!



Vicki Hinze


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