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Diary of a Novel… Chapter 1

Written by Vicki Hinze

On October 26, 2005

Warning: this is a no-edit zone…

Yes! I got an early start today, finished the last of the copyedits, then drafted out the plot board and reviewed it on the new work-in-progress. That took the morning, but it was time well spent. Found two deficiencies in the plot that are now no more!

Broke for a quick lunch–eager to get back to the book–and then, finally, started writing. Whipped out the first chapter in short order. The tone is almost exactly what I want for this book. Almost… Needs a little refining–nothing major–and then I’ll be happy with it. The content works for me.

Mmm, decisions, decisions. Press on or refine?

Normally, I’d press on, but until I nail that tone, I’d just be creating more that needs refining, so refine it is.

Man, but it feels good to be in create mode again after back to back edits!

An interesting tidbit (at least, to me) came out in Chapter 1 that I hadn’t expected. There’s a child in this book who regularly stays in three homes: her father’s, her mother’s and her ex-stepmother’s. The differences in the way the homes are run pricked at me, and now I’m thinking about house rules. Every family in every home lives under a set of their own rules. How challenging it must be for a small child to adapt to multiple sets. Oh, kids are resilient, of course. Still, it’s an interesting reality to ponder…



Vicki Hinze


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