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Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips, Vicki Hinze

Written by Vicki Hinze

On October 28, 2016

Safety Tips for Halloween


Vicki Hinze

1.  Adults accompany your kids.  Never let anyone Trick or Treat alone.

2.  Never enter a stranger’s home.

3.  Avoid sharp objects in costumes.  (i.e. swords should be soft and flexible; masks shouldn’t impair your vision).

4.  Eat no candy until it has been carefully examined by an adult you trust. If it isn’t sealed from the manufacturer, don’t eat it.

5.  Add reflective tape to costumes, and carry glow sticks or flashlights.  Be sure car drivers and others can see you and your kids.

6.  Cross streets at corners and never walk between parked cars. Stay on sidewalks.

7.  Between 5 and 9 PM is when most pedestrian accidents occur. Take extra care so you have a safe time trick or treating.

8.  Avoid lighted candles to avoid being burned.

9.  Stick to familiar areas.

10. Rather than going door-to-door to trick or treat, consider going to church “truck or treat” events, or ones by local businesses, malls, community sponsored.



Adults, heads up!  Here are some things you should do:


1.  Check for the location of sexual predators in your neighborhood. Every state has a listing, just run an Internet search for your state,  then stay away from what you find.

2.  The streets are not safe and an adult (or two) should be with kids. Out at night on their own, the kids are extremely vulnerable.

3.  If older kids are in a group without adults, adults should know where they will be and the kids should check in with parents at regular intervals.

4.  Adults attending parties, do be aware of your surroundings. On departing, you’re vulnerable. Don’t leave alone, or if you do, be hyper-alert.

Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!






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