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Written by Vicki Hinze

On May 22, 2012

The questions on craft skills swirl like dry leaves tossed in strong wind.  Writers hear, “You must do this or that” all the time.  I can agree only to this point:  “Writers must write.”  Beyond that, I’m not aligned with any must do on method.

Writers aren’t clones.  We don’t think the same way, we don’t process the same way, we don’t define the same way, we don’t deem the same things significant or insignificant.  We all have different reasons for writing what we write, different goals and purposes for writing and we go about it in a myriad of ways.  Writers vary.  Therefore their works vary.  Ergo, the way they go about creating their works vary.  This is normal and, in my humble opinion, negates a lot of rules and/or assertions that you must do things in any given way.

Actually, the following cartoon pretty much sums up my opinion on this in a succinct manner:

Methods exist.  Try them.  Recognize that they vary not only author to author but also book to book.  If you like the method, keep it.  Use it.  If not, ditch it with a clear conscience and a good heart.





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