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Writers and Medical Issues: Part 2

Written by Vicki Hinze

On December 26, 2010


I wrote the initial WRITERS AND MEDICAL ISSUES post and received the following email from author and friend, Sue (SUSAN) KRINARD (  Because it contains valuable information that could be helpful, I wrote and asked her permission to post it.  She graciously agreed.  (Thanks again, Sue!)

So what follows is Sue’s personal response to my initial post.

SUSAN KRINARD’S EMAIL RESPONSE:  posted with full permission


I’m not sure if you’ll get this message sent this way, but wanted to let you know that I had pretty bad carpal tunnel and found a cure for myself, a treatement for Myofascial Pain Disorder or Syndrome. I won’t go into details, but it proposes that the basis of carpal tunnel is NOT in the wrists but in the shoulder, where the fascia and muscles become too tight and bear down on the nerves that reach around the clavicle and continue into the fingers. Working with my shoulder virtually cured my carpal tunnel, and allowed me to avoid debilitating surgery that probably wouldn’t have done much for me.

Myofascial therapy also works for back problems and many other  muscular-skeletal disorders related to writing. It helped me with headaches, back and shoulder pain, since you’re addressing the muscle and fascial trigger points, where there is spasming and chemical buildup that then “refers” to other parts of the body (neck, for instance, to the fascia and muscles in the head, which cause headaches). Sounds very new-agey, but it’s actually a recognized medical condition and therapy going back some forty years or more. It’s just not well known.

The baseball size knots your friend has might very well be fixed with Myofascial therapy. I can’t guarantee anything, but I’d urge her to try if it she hasn’t already. (I also have had these knots, and they’re all considerably less problematic now.)


Sue Krinard

A note to Vicki’s readers:  you can reach me through or via the contact page on this site any time. 🙂




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