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Tuesday Morning Mashup! 2013 09 26

vicki hinze, tuesday morning mashup, books, romantic suspense, romantic thriller, mystery

Written by Vicki Hinze

On September 26, 2013

vicki hinze, tuesday morning mashup, books, romantic suspense, romantic thriller, mystery

Tuesday Morning Mashup 2013 09 26

Recommended Reads



For Young Readers

 From time to time I’m asked for recommendations on children’s books, so I went to the authorities:  my granddaughters, who love to read and have strong opinions on their likes and dislikes (which is a wonderful thing!).

Kaylin recommends:  Percy Jackson’s Lightning Thief.  “A page-turner.  You can’t put it down.”  She says it’s “intense” and suitable for readers from 9-15.  (Available in hard cover, Kindle, paperback and audio here.)

Alyssa recommends:  Doreen Cronin’s Diary of a Worm“Funny,” she says, and suitable for kids from 5-7.  (Available in hard cover, paperback and audio here.)


Christian Fiction:

 James L. Rubart’s Memory’s DoorChristian metaphysical, Science Fiction, Fantasy.  James hit my radar with Rooms and remains on my automatic buy list.  He doesn’t disappoint.  (Available in trade paperback, Kindle, and Audio here.)

Kristen Heitzmann’s The Breath of Dawn.  Christian romantic suspense.   Realistic characters, realistic situations.  No cookie-cutter Christians here.  Kristen peoples her books with everyday people.  You’ll see yourself, your friends and relatives and neighbors reflected.  I love that about her books.  (Available in trade paperback, hard cover large print, Kindle, audio here.)


General Fiction:

 The books in this category are written for the general market.  Contents could be objectionable to some, so read the full product description to be sure you know the type of book you’re getting.

Peggy Webb’s The Dixie Virgin Chronicles, Books 1 and 2:  Belinda and Janet.  These are cute, fun reads and if you need a laugh, you’ll find one here.  (Available on Kindle.  Book 1, Belinda here.  Book 2, Janet here.)

James Rollin’s Black Order.  I’m a fan of this author’s Sigma Force books.  They’re a fascinating blend of history, science and technology and military operations.  Always strong, thrilling reads with interesting characters.   If you liked Michael Crichton, you’ll love James Rollins. (Available in hard cover, paperback, Kindle, Audio here.)

If your cowboy low-level light is on, visit Kathy Carmichael’s Texas Two-Step series.  These are Clean Reads novels, (some call them sweet reads).  Fun and Debbie Macomber like in that they’re heartwarming stories.  So far, there are three books in the series, starting with Chasing Charlie.  (Available in trade paperback and on Kindle here.)

If you enjoy good Dystopian fiction, try Piper Bayard’s Firelands.  I read this book pre-publication and enjoyed it so much I endorsed it.   It was written before Hunger Games and has a more complex plot.   (Available on Kindle here.)



Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus is a powerhouse historical that aids with context, putting Jesus into the world in which he walked.  Pastors are praising it, and it’s easy to understand why.  This is NOT a replacement for the Bible.  It is a great resource for insights into Jesus, the human being, and that in my humble opinion makes it a valuable work.  (Available in hard cover, Kindle and Audio here.)


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Thanks so much for your notes and posts and comments.  I haven’t been online as much lately due to medical challenges.  That’s going to remain the same for the near future.  I don’t yet know for how long, but I am hopeful that it will be a short time.







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