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Time to Write

Time to Write, Vicki Hinze, On Writing,

Written by Vicki Hinze

On February 26, 2015

It’s amazing how often people tell me that they want to write but they don’t have the time. My response to them is nearly always the same: If you love it, you make time. You get up earlier, stay up later, sacrifice watching a show you enjoy–you find a way.

If you choose to write, you will. If you love writing, you will choose to write. It won’t matter if you sell what you write. It won’t matter if anyone else ever reads it. You’ll write because that’s what writers do.

More often, those who wish to write but don’t have an idealized vision of what writing is like. They think of the freedom involved, but not of the discipline required. They think of the liberation from restraints unaware that with that liberation comes responsibility. They see the dreamer and not the struggler.

Writing isn’t for everyone. Many believe anyone can write a book–and much about writing can be taught. But there is a spark that can’t be taught. It is a gift. It is the ability to tell a story.

For writers–for everyone, really–time is spent where we choose to spend it. We have different reasons for making the choices we make, but we all choose. Far more important than finding time to write is finding your passion, whatever it might be, and diving into it mind, body and soul. There, you’ll find contentment and purpose. Happiness? That’s far more elusive, but definitely contentment.

Some measure time in days, hours and minutes. Most writers measure time in moments.

We don’t give a minute sitting beside a hospital bed on deathwatch the same weight or importance as a minute walking in from the mailbox.

We don’t give a minute saying good-bye to a spouse deploying for a war zone the same importance as waiting for a companion to meet us for lunch.

A minute isn’t a minute. It’s a moment. And how important it is depends on what’s happening and to whom it’s happening–how invested we or the readers are in it.

The simple truth is this: If you want to write, you will.

You will because you’ll deem writing your moment.



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Vicki Hinze, The Marked Bride, Shadow Watchers Book #1

Shadow Watchers
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