Not So Jolly Flu Season

Not So Jolly Flu Season

Sorry to have been such a scapegrace lately.  A week before Christmas, I got the flu.  And then I suffered a complication from it and am still recovering, so I’m in the office for short spurts and that’s about it. I am grateful to be upright and recovering...
Out Sick

Out Sick

So sorry to drop out of sight for so long without a word.  Fear I’ll be out a bit longer. It started with a lovely trip to Disney with the children and grands and my daughter-in-laws lovely parents.  We had a wonderful time and it meant the world to me to get to...


Writers spend a lot of time alone, which means they usually avoid exposure to a mountain of germs, viruses and other nasty flu bugs. But during the holidays, by necessity, they’re out and around and, because everyone else is, too, they’re bombarded. We can’t avoid...
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