Good Morning:  Believe

Good Morning: Believe

NOTEWORTHY   Sorry for the long interruption.  Hubby had a medical emergency that has taken our full attention.  Happy to report he’s recovered, and now we’re trying to catch up with everything else.  I appreciate your patience and sticking with me....
Good Morning:  Know What You Believe

Good Morning: Know What You Believe

NOTEWORTHY Sometimes We All Need a Second Chance   We all make mistakes.  Some cost us our destiny…right? It may seem that way, but to some, life offers merciful second chances.  What makes them special?  Why them and not everyone?  And what kind of second chances—so...

Writers and Depression: Tips on the Abyss

Writers worry. It’s the yang side of the creative ying. Yet prolonged visits to the black hole of the abyss aren’t constructive. Those visits rob from creativity and life. Here are some tips–the greatest of which is alluded to–write with...
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