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Written by Vicki Hinze

On April 19, 2012

 I’m celebrating a new two-book contract!  To thank readers for being so supportive—I couldn’t write the books I love if you didn’t support them—I’m giving away Kindle copies of GIRL TALK:  LETTERS BETWEEN FRIENDS from midnight tonight, April 19th until April 23rd at 11:59 PM.  So you’ve got five (5) days to claim your free copy.  Here’s a link:



If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still get and read a copy.  You can read books on your computer or other mobile devices with Amazon’s FREE Kindle Reading Apps.


You’re the best—and I’m very grateful to all of you.






FREE ON KINDLE April 19-23


“With GIRL TALK, Vicki Hinze writing as Kali Kaye joins the ranks of Elizabeth Berg and Ann Tyler. Told in the letters of four friends, the story is fiercely honest, sassy, serious and wise. It’s a must-read for any woman who cherishes her friends.”

Peggy Webb
National Bestselling Author of Donovan’s Angel
(Donovans of the Delta series)


In the early 1960s, four girls, as part of a 7th grade, nationwide school program, become pen pals. They have little in common but become lifelong friends who confront together the challenges girls confront in the world they confront them. Through their letters, we share their lives–their hopes and dreams, triumphs and defeats, joys and sorrows–and for all their differences, we discover that they are stronger and wiser for being friends.






Reader Reviews

“Who would’ve thought that you could so closely follow the lives of four young girls, all the way to adulthood, through something as simple as letters to each other? This book is very well written. By reading the letters they write to each other, you get to experience their lives, happiness, sadness, triumphs and failures, and truly come to care for them all.
This book shows what we are missing today, with letter writing becoming such a dying art. It truly makes me want to sit down with a pad of paper and pen and start writing to everyone I know. Absolutely wonderful story. ” –Lanae Tatman, Amazon


“What a great escape into the lives of 4 girls who evolve into women. This book has something for everyone. The author pulls you into the lives of these young girls and guides you throughout the ups and downs of their childhood into adulthood. Keeping points of important historical events and there timelines was just another way to keep you wanting more……Thanks for the good read! ” —Dawn, Amazon


“A lovely tribute to female friendships.” —Peggy Webb, Amazon


“A beautiful story of outstanding friendship. What a wonderful accounting of four young girls as they grow into dynamic women! Initially connected by a writing assignment they grudgingly completed, four young girls become friends and eventually pillars of support as only true girlfriends can be to each other. It takes a deft hand to reveal such depth of character and plot through just the exchange of letters as the girls face challenges and celebrate successes, but Vicki Hinze nailed it! This novella is beautifully written, humorous and heartbreaking in turns. Letter writing itself is a lost art but Girl Talk: Letters Between Friends is a lovely reminder of the inherent value of writing – and staying connected – to those who matter most.” —Regan Black


“Charming and engrossing. In this charming collection of letters between female pen pals, the reader is treated to the issues and lessons each of the four women face along their journey from adolescence to maturity. The story unfolds in epistolary style, hitting the highlights of each of the stages the women encounter in their lives. From issues such as teenagers believing the sometimes hilarious half-truths they are told, to adult moral choices, the book is fascinating and readers can’t help but grow to care for the four women.”– Kathy Carmichael, bestselling author of HOT FLASH



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