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Shadow Watchers Series is Complete!

Shadow Watchers, Crossroads Crisis Center series, Vicki Hinze

Written by Vicki Hinze

On February 19, 2021

Crossroads Crisis Center and Shadow Watchers complete the series stories on the team!

While things sometimes don’t work out as planned, they do have a way of working out so long as you don’t give up on them.  It’s taken longer than expected due to other commitments, but I’m happy to announce today that with the release of THE MARKED WITNESS, Sam’s story, both Crossroads Crisis Center series and Shadow Watcher series are now complete!

I waited a long time to write Sam’s story.  Life intruded, as it tends to do during certain seasons in life, but now it is done.  I included it in Murder and Mistletoe, a Christmas limited-time-only collection.  Now it’s out as a standalone to claim its rightful place as the last book in the Shadow Watchers series, and with it, the team is all settled in. 

Someone asked recently why I write in series so often.  I could say that it’s smart business.  Or that it’s the best way to invite readers to come along from book-to-book.  Those things might factor in for some, but honestly, for me, it’s a matter of loving the characters and the place and not wanting to let go.  I actually contemplated writing more of these stories just to get to hang out in the village a little longer and doing a spin-off series with Omega and his team, but I restrained myself. 

A widowed female named Penny Crown captured my attention, and she won’t let go, so I’ll be dipping into her life next.  More on that at a later time.  Today it’s time to celebrate these books.

 It began in…

Vicki Hinze, crossroads crisis center series novels, bestselling romantic suspense novels

  1. FORGET ME NOT. Ben’s story.  Elusive enemies took everything—and now return for more.  “Vicki Hinze has written a high adrenaline rush in Forget Me Not. As the title suggests, you will have a hard time forgetting this high action-packed novel. Those that crave roller coaster ride thrillers will definitely be pleased when they discover Forget Me Not. This is one book that will keep you on your edge of your seat.” –Midwest Book Review


  1. DEADLY TIES. Mark’s story.  The enemy will stop at nothing for control, and the woman he loves will risk everything for freedom.  “DEADLY TIES is Vicki Hinze at her absorbing best. Crisply written and fast-paced, DEADLY TIES is a can’t-put-down story of depth, faith and twists and turns that would put anyone to the test.” –Carla Neggers


  1. NOT THIS TIME. Joe’s story.  A blood-soaked mattress, a terrorist attack and a traitor among them.  Now a man not trusted is missing and an innocent woman is being blamed.  “Tense, breathless, multi-layered – and highly recommended.”  –Lee Child

“Vicki Hinze’s new thriller, NOT THIS TIME, hones suspense to a razored edge.  Riveting, relentless, and fraught with betrayals, here is a novel that cuts both to the bone and to the heart. Not This Time should be retitled Not to be Missed.”  –James Rollins

 The Crossroads Crisis Center books are available at your favorite booksellers.  You can find them:

Crossroads Series


And the stories continue in…


  1. THE MARKED BRIDE. Tim’s story.  The love of Tim’s life broke their engagement to marry another man.  Now in trouble, she returns, putting both their lives at risk.  Few are who they seem, their survival is in doubt and the future uncertain. 


  1. THE MARKED STAR. Nick’s story.  People are not what they seem, and old wounds run deep proving it.  The fog of war is used against Nick, concealing allies and enemies and what both he and Elle really want.  Will they find out before Nick and his team end up dead? 


  1. THE MARKED WITNESS. Sam’s story.  Sam, Jaycee and her daughter Lizzie were a team.  But powerful people, untouchables, wanted them dead, so they had no choice but to part. Jaycee and Lizzie are in witness protection and Sam has no idea where they are. Haunted by that, the years pass with no contact.  Then suddenly she calls, and she’s in trouble.  Sam answers, unsure if he will have the strength to leave her again when all he wants is her and Lizzie to be his family.


The Shadow Watcher stories are available at your favorite booksellers.  You can find them:

Shadow Watchers



Enjoy the stories and thank you for reading!



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