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On October 1, 2012

  Celebration time!

Duplicity is out in paper and popular ebook formats.





  • Magnolia Leaf Press
  • Digital ISBN:  978-1-939016-00-3
  • Trade: September 2012
  • Audio (Fall 2012)


About the Book

Military attorney, Captain Tracy Keener, is forced to defend Special Operations officer, Captain Adam Burke: a man accused of leading his team into an active bombing range during a readiness exercise. All of the team members die–and Adam is rendered unconscious. He’d acted, he claims, under direct orders. But had he? His superior officers deny it, and Burke finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that involves chemical weapons–and someone used them against his team. Problem is, no one, not even his attorney, believes him. But nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. Keener and Burke discover that in matters such as these, the first victim is truth. And when they insist on seeking it, they’re marked for death. The proverbial clock is ticking. Who will live long enough to reveal the truth–and will it have anything to do with the truth they sought… or are they caught in a much larger web? One with the potential to kill not just them but millions of people they swore an oath to serve, defend and protect?


Trade Paperback version:



Check your favorite bookseller/library.  (new products, updating at this time)



Digital version:






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