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Don’t Feel Like Writing?

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Written by Vicki Hinze

On September 16, 2013

To Confidential in LA:  Your problem with not feeling like writing is a common one every writer experiences at some time or another.  Don’t panic.  Refocus.  If you wait to write when you feel like writing, you won’t write much.  Oh, there’s an eagerness to do it, but it burns out early and its discipline that makes you stick with it, not enthusiasm–if you truly love the story.

If you do, you’ll find that magic that made you want to write it in the first place.  Where?  In your reason for writing it.  If you don’t love the story, then change it until you do. Nothing zaps the desire to write like wasting your time, which is your life, on something about which you feel indifference.

That’s the first tip.  Here are a few more:

1.  Set daily goals.  Whether it’s to write 2 paragraphs or 10,000 words, set a goal and stick to it.  Take your editorial hat off, shove it in the closet.  Put your creative hat on, and just write.  Tell the story.  Delve into the people and why they matter, why their story matters.

2.  Sick or well, write anyway.  Down the road when you look back, you won’t be able to tell the difference of what was written when.  No, that’s not a theoretical assumption, that’s based on firsthand experience.  I wrote an entire book in the ICU waiting room when my mom was in and out of ICU (switching between a monitored room and ICU, actually).  I was frazzled from worry, exhausted from sleeping in a chair, and later, if I hadn’t known the conditions under which I wrote the book, I wouldn’t have been able to tell any difference between it and any other book I’ve written.  Same goes through surgeries I’ve had, flu, all that kind of ickiness.  Write.  Just write.

3.  Guard your mind.  If you believe you’ll never finish, you won’t finish.  That’s a negative tape playing in your mind and it’s seated in fear and doubt.  Those two things–fear and doubt–are the enemy, but here’s the part to remember:  They only have as much power as you give them.  Make a choice to render them powerless.  Turn the negative tape off and play a positive one.  I will finish.  Period.  That’s it.  (Secret:  your will is stronger than fear.  If you exercise it, your will will trump fear–and that’s what this is, okay?  Recognizing and accepting it for what it is–that’s the key to neutralizing it.)

4.  Don’t quit.  So long as you don’t quit, you win.  Yes, it takes time and energy and effort, and writing a novel isn’t going to shower you with immediate gratification (few treasures shower you with immediate gratification), but if you don’t quit, you will finish, and when you do, you win.  To win, you just have to persist.  That’s just a fact.

5.  Go to my website––I moved a series of videos to the front page just for you.  Look in the gray section in the middle, on the right.  You’ll see them right under the INSPIRE ME! picture.  You watch those five videos.  You’re not sinking or falling out of a boat and drowning, even if it feels that way.  These videos aren’t polished productions.  Just me in chat-mode talking about things that will help you through this constructively.  Staying constructive in writing AND in life is essential to your well being.  That’s important.

Every writer has a life outside of writing, and every life has ups and downs–often at the same time–and every writer has to juggle the demands of either and both.  This has always been the case and, I daresay, it will always be the case.  You can’t give fear and doubt the power to usurp from you the power to fulfill your purpose.  That’s true no matter what one’s purpose happens to be.  That’s allowing the theft of your destiny.  The robbery of your future.  Don’t permit that!  It’s a battle.  Fight it to win it!  You have the power of choice and your will to help you.  All you need is coping skills and a perspective shift so you look at things a wee bit differently.

You’re going to be fine.  Seriously.  What you need isn’t in a pill or a bottle.  It’s in an attitude.  That perspective shift.  Take back your personal power, give fear and doubt the boot.  Choose to resolve these issues and reclaim your future, your destiny and your purpose.  Watch the videos and then email me– –so we can chat more on this and clear out any residual challenges.  You’re not alone, okay.  I’m here.   And you’re going to get through this CONSTRUCTIVELY.

You have all you need.  You just have to choose to use it.





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