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Clean Read Books

Clean Read Books

Written by Vicki Hinze

On January 9, 2014

It’s a new year and time for a new special project.  This year, it’s Clean Read Books.

Clean Read BooksWriters write them.  Readers read them.  But at times we have a little trouble hooking up and finding each other.

That’s the issue and the reason for Clean Read Books.  The objective is to help readers and authors connect.

The first phase of Clean Read Books is on Twitter.  Here’s how it works:

If you’re an author:  Follow @cleanreadbooks and then tweet your Clean Read (only) book including @cleanreadbooks in your tweet.

For the purposes of this program a clean read:  contains no foul language, no graphic or excessive violence, and if there are bedroom doors in your books, please keep them closed.  These are family-friendly stories–fiction and non-fiction.  All genres are welcome, provided they meet the clean read standard.

This program can only work on an honor system, so remember that.  And I reserve the right to remove any book and block any individual who violates the terms of clean read as defined.  Again, we want to connect happy authors and readers, not offend or irritate them.

For Readers:  If you’ve read and enjoyed a Clean Read, go to @cleanreadbooks on twitter, follow and post the title and author.  A link to it would be great but isn’t required.  Include @cleanreadbooks in your tweet.  Others might have missed it and you can point them to the book.

While there, read the tweets for any Clean Read Books you might have missed.

We’ll start the program there and see how it goes.  If it needs to be expanded or amended, we’ll do that, so feel free to tweet your thoughts on it also.  Clean Read Books will be my special project focus for 2014.  Here’s hoping we reach the objective:  connecting Clean Read books, readers, and authors!




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