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Christmas Eve Traditions

Vicki Hinze, My Kitchen Table

Written by Vicki Hinze

On December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions, Vicki Hinze

Christmas Eve Traditions




Vicki Hinze



Americans are a diverse bunch but we share many things in common. One is a deep love for traditions, including Christmas Eve traditions.  Here are some of the most popular:


  • Reading The Night before Christmas and setting out cookies and milk for Santa.


  • Attending Christmas Eve services at church with all the family and extended family.


  • Track Santa’s progress through NOAA, the local news or online.


  • Break out a brand new pair of PJs to celebrate the most magical night of the year.


  • Play up the whimsy with a sprinkling of reindeer dust!  (Mix oatmeal with sparkly gold or silver glitter to make your own—in case Rudolph is super busy and can’t deliver!)


  • Christmas Carol in your neighborhood or with a group.


  • Write a special note to Santa—to leave by the milk and cookies.


  • Do a kindness for someone else.


  • Invite someone alone to share the holiday with your family.


  • Christmas games. My personal favorite is to draw names and write down something you love about that person. Others must guess who the person is!


Use these traditions and make them your own, or let them act as a springboard for your family to create its own unique traditions.  Above all, enjoy yourselves. It’s Christmas!



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