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Written by Vicki Hinze

On February 15, 2012

My admirable friend, Piper Bayard, writes an excellent blog.  On Friday’s she does a “mashup” which is bits of this and that.  I enjoy all of Piper’s articles and the mashup is one of my favorite “don’t miss this” features.  Well, that and being interviewed by Daisy the Love Pooch.  (Daisy recently crossed Rainbow Bridge and I, and other readers who had come to love her, mourned with her pet human, Piper.)

I did an interview with ACRA’s Vickie King and it’s now live.  If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it on Vickie’s blog .  Vickie asked some questions that really made me think.  Blessing or curse, I did. 🙂  Very enjoyable interview with her.  Vickie is a novelist published in short fiction.  Lovely voice in her writing.

The Wordsmith Journal is giving away a free Kindle.  You can get details HERE.

Christians Reads‘ own, Kathi Macias‘s novel, DELIVER ME FROM EVIL, is a nominee for Wordsmith Journal’s Novel of the Year.  Voting is ongoing, and I’m wishing Kathi the best.  This is a novel on human-trafficking, a subject so under-reported, and after writing DEADLY TIES, you know, near and dear to my heart.  You can read the first two chapters of Kathi’s book HERE.  Kathi, it’s my deepest wish that your book touch lives and hearts and influences the stopping of this madness we call human-trafficking.

“I  long ago learned the benefits of watching specific people in the industry for specific reasons.”

I said that at a lecture recently and now have been asked who I watch.  A few are:  James Rollins.  He always does creative and innovative author things.  He has his own app and now, working with COS Productions, Cover Stories as well as book trailers for his novels.  They’re gorgeous and brilliant.  Quick capsules on the books.

I’ve watched Sheila English of COS Productions since the year BODY DOUBLE came out–the better part of a decade.  She’s smart, savvy and innovative.  I like that. 🙂 Her work with and for International Thriller Writers has been such a gift and a blessing to the organization and its members.  Recently, I hired COS to create the “bookends” for my web videos and book trailers. Totally positive experience, and I have a beautiful product I love.

Just over a year ago,  Kristen Lamb, also smart, savvy and innovative and an unabashed guru on social networking (and so much more) snagged my attention.  I first noted her on Twitter, and I wish I’d been quicker about it!  You can read her blog HERE.

I’m also watching friends Kathy Carmichael, Debra Webb, Peggy Webb and Regan Black.  All are smart women doing innovative things at a time when those in our industry must be innovative and willing to take measured risks.  And, of course, Susan Wiggs, who has been on my personal watch list since the 1980s and Susan Mallery who has been on it for at least a decade.

The reasons I watch these people are as varied as the women themselves and the types of books they write.  But all have much to offer someone willing to invest in learning about them and what they’re doing.

And I always watch my most excellent agent, Chip Macgregor.  He’s blogging again, and I’m rejoicing!

The Countdown to release is on for NOT THIS TIME.  The first review is in from Suite 101:  Mystery and Crime.  It’s a wonderful review, and this reviewer does the coolest thing:  she makes recommendations on how the book can be used.  I just loved that.  When a new book is released, I always get butterflies in my stomach, hoping that others will feel as invested in the book as I do and love it and the characters.  This release is a little bittersweet because it’s the finale in the Crossroads Crisis Center series.  <sniff>  I love these people and I’m going to miss them–for a time.

I strongly suspect Sam and Tim are going to nag me until I write their stories.  Sam especially is already being, um, persistent.  We’ll just see if he’s persistent enough to snag my imagination with a great story.  (Don’t tell him, but the man has already snagged my heart.)

Three other big events occurred in my life this week and I’ve blogged and written about them in my February Newsletter so I won’t get into specifics on them but will just share the upshot:  I started an INSPIRE ME! series of webisodes.  The first four are posted.  LOVE IS MURDER:  THRILLER 3‘s cover debuted (Sandra Brown edited and my WED TO DEATH is in it) from Harlequin’s MIRA.  And I announced (in the newsletter) that I’ll be publishing (via my own imprint, Magnolia Leaf Press) some of the “Sunday Books” (books I’ve written on Sunday afternoons over the years) under “Vicki Hinze writing as Kali Kaye” so readers know to expect anything in the stories.  The only common bond in these books is I love them.  Beyond that, anything goes.  FMI visit Kali’s page on my site HERE.

The major highlight of my week was a special invitation from my eldest Angel for Tigress Tuesday lunch at her elementary school.  Naturally, I accepted.   How lucky I am to watch her–all my Angels–grow!

Sometimes life is just so good. (Content sigh.)



P.S.  I just remembered that I put the writing books I could on free on Amazon as a Valentine’s gift to my writer friends and followers.  I got a little busy so if I didn’t mention it, know that it wasn’t because you aren’t in my thoughts, it’s because I’m a tad scattered.  So sorry.  One Way to Write a Novel and Writing in the Fast Lane are still free on Kindle today.  My humble apologies for the delay in letting you know it, and for the synapse misfire.

Hey, I never claimed to be perfect.  Actually, I’m first to say I’m flawed to the core.  But bless you for joining me anyway.


P.S.S.  I have NO idea why those two smiley faces are in the posts.  I’ve tried and tried to delete them but they refuse to depart.  Aw well, it’s nice to be beloved. 🙂



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