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A New Series of Nonfiction Short Reads: Armchair Wisdom

Written by Vicki Hinze

On November 18, 2021

In today’s complex world, challenges come at us hard and fast and from every direction.  We need armor!  And we need access to all those life lessons that tend to get buried under the barrage of incoming fire. That’s where ARMCHAIR WISDOM comes in.  These are short reminders of life lessons and more to help us stay constructive, positive and to help us think straight during challenging times.

So far, there are three short reads in this series.  They are:

Armchair Wisdom: Job Loss and Toolbox Gems

Job Loss and Toolbox Gems

Losing your job can toss even the most stable and balanced person in the world into a tailspin of a crisis that impacts you and your family on all levels.  To avoid as many of the pitfalls and challenges as possible, we need tools!  The more tools we have at our disposal, the better.  With the right tools, we spot the silver linings and discover why job loss isn’t all bad, and why good—even great—can come from it.



Armchair Wisdom: Grief During the Pandemic

Grief During the Pandemic

Grief is hard anytime.  During a pandemic it is hard on steroids, bringing additional challenges that can be difficult to address physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This addresses some of those challenges and offers insights to help you get through it, understanding there is no right or wrong way, no perfect way to grieve.  Only the right and perfect way for you.



Armchair Wisdom, Between a rock and a hard place, vicki hinzeBetween a Rock and a Hard Place

Decisions must be made.  Those with clear-cut choices are easy.  Maybe not fun, but easy.  It’s when there isn’t a clear-cut choice that decision-making can be difficult. Even painful.  These are situations where our choice, regardless of what it is, plants us between a rock and a hard place.  That’s a rough position to be in, and not the best place for making good decisions, which makes our objective to navigate to a better place where we make wise choices that best serve us…



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