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  • “Evil is unapologetically painted black and bold, making the redemptive power of Christ seem all that much more powerful. Deadly Ties is absolutely magnificent.” –Josh Olds, Fiction Addict

  • “I’m a newbie to Hinze’s work, but I assure you this won’t be the last time I pick up one of her novels. Excellent characterization and a compelling plot draw the reader in and never lets go. Every scene has a reason, every bit of character background has a purpose, but Hinze does a fantastic job of keeping it from…

  • Not This Time by Vicki Hinze is the conclusion *sob* to her Crossroads Crisis Center series. Hinze writes top-notch romantic suspense. She tackles tough topics including human trafficking and domestic violence, and her characters are great. Hinze does a fantastic job with her romantic leads. She knows how to write swoon-worthy heroes! Her bad guys *semi-spoiler alert* (and gals) *end semi-spoiler* are…

  • “Hinze has penned a heart-stopping story about true commitment.  You may need a hanky.”– Sandra Brown on Wed to Death in Love is Murder

  • “Oh My Word…i just came off a wild ride…or, a wild read. Not This Time by Vicki Hinze is a intense novel, full of surprising twists and turns with a satisfying end. The third book in the Crossroads Crisis Center it can easily stand alone. Vicki Hinze is an awesome suspense author, and I found it very difficult to put…

  • “NOT THIS TIME is a good read and not to be missed by those who love mysteries.” –Fresh Fiction

  • “BESIDE A DREAMSWEPT SEA renews faith in love. The characters are all fascinating and the story line couldn’t be more interesting. . . will squeeze your heart and stay with you long after you finish the book.”  –Fresh Fiction

  • “From this guy’s perspective, this book has plenty of suspense and intrigue to satisfy any guy’s interest and just enough romance for him to remember that special woman in his life.”  –LibraryBoy

  • “Vicki Hinze delivers an electrifying plot in Not This Time. ” –RadiantLit

  • “Tense, breathless, multi-layered – and highly recommended.” –Lee Child

  • “Vicki Hinze’s new thriller, NOT THIS TIME, hones suspense to a razored edge.  Riveting, relentless, and fraught with betrayals, here is a novel that cuts both to the bone and to the heart. Not This Time should be retitled Not to be Missed.” –James Rollins    

  • “Hinze paints her tale on a broad canvas, her writing expertly controlled, rich in imagination, deep in characterization.  It’s a race against time and shadowy instincts, the narrative loud with surprises, the premise all-too-believable.” –Steve Berry

  • “Vicki Hinze has created a “Keeper!’  Not This Time is engrossing, entertaining; the pages are filled with excellently drawn and very real people, and a story that keeps you turning the pages!” –Heather Graham

  • “In NOT THIS TIME, Vicki Hinze has created a tense, suspenseful story, peopled with vivid characters and set against a backdrop of deadly danger.  I know I can always count on Vicki for an absorbing story I’ll remember long after I’ve closed the book, and NOT THIS TIME was no exception.  Do yourself a favor and pick this book as…

  • “If you’re not already hooked on Vicki Hinze’s Crossroads Series, you will be this time. NOT THIS TIME is a tense and involving tale of crime and violence that takes the reader from the deepest darkness of the human heart to the light of redemption.” –Susan Wiggs

  • MIND READER:  Realistic in her scenes Vicki has done all of us true psychics proud with her talent. BRAVO!! Thank you Vicki for one of the best reads I have had in a very long time and for your honest portrayal of those of us who can’t hide  from our abilities and choose to do what we can with them….

  • “With GIRL TALK, Vicki Hinze writing as Kali Kaye joins the ranks of Elizabeth Berg and Ann Tyler. Told in the letters of four friends, the story is fiercely honest, sassy, serious and wise. It’s a must-read for any woman who cherishes her friends.” –Peggy Webb  

  • “Deadly Ties is a fast-paced thriller, packed with action and suspense.”  –W. Burke

  • “Hinze dealt with the horrors of human trafficking and other contemporary issues masterfully.” –Musichick182

  • “There is a great message to the book that lets one know that God has not forgotten them even though they may think he has without it being overly preachy.” –Miss Lynn’s Books

  • “I am always eager to read sequels, wondering if they will be as good, or better than the first in the series. In this case, it is even better. I literally could not put this book down. I was pushing to finish it before I left for work, and succeeded. Totally awesome. My favorite genre’ to read is mystery/suspense, and…

  • “Great Story! This author pulled you into the story right from the start. I haven’t read anything by this author so didn’t know what to expect. But this tale had it all, romance, mystery, suspense, intrigue.” –Love 2 Read Novels

  • “…plenty of thrills (and some serious chills) while reading this book in the light of day.  Despite the suspense, violence, and dramatic tension Vicki has placed God in the forefront of this story.  It amazes me that very often, the most suspenseful and edgy stories have the strongest Christian messages.  Vicki wrote that message very well, made it believable and…

  • “Vicki Hinze is a fantastic writer and I really like her work because of her way of developing the character – it made me feel so connected with the main characters of this book, Annie, Lisa, and Dutch. They were each unique and faithful in their own ways.  I like how this book had a faithful element in it but…

  • “Even though the plot is not something that would happen to your average Joe, the emotional struggles are something that other Christians can find themselves going through at different levels. This made the story more intimate for the reader. Instead of just reading about some crazy suspense story or some fantastical romance, we read about two Christians struggling to survive…

  • “Vicki Hinze does an excellent job of taking the reader on a suspenseful journey. She kept me turning the pages, not wanting to put the book down. Even before I was finished with the book, I was searching for more of her books.” –Holly Jones

  • “Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze was not just good-it was really, really good!!!!. This has to be one of the best ever suspense books I have read. What a storyline that kept you guessing and guessing the outcome. She’s a super writer.”  –Vicky Gastineau

  • “OMG this book is like so good and intense. I don’t want to give too much away but man this is one hell of a mystery…” –Kimberley Gaines

  • “Deadly Ties is an action packed, suspenseful novel that will keep you reading late in the night. Only by the grace of God, and many prayers can they endure the unthinkable in this love story.” –Little Homeschool on the Prairie

  • “…will keep you on the edge of your chair quickly reading to see the outcome. This is one hard to put down book that really delivers and one that you will not want to miss! Suspense with romance at its best!” –Kathy Warth

  • “I related to the reminder that God has a purpose for each of us and while many hardships in our lives seem senseless and sometimes impossible to bear, there comes a time when we can look back and see how they prepared us for His purpose. I believe I have finally reached that place in my life where I can…

  • “Vicki Hinze is a delightful author, who takes the reader on a  journey of emotions.  The characters are full of personality.  Throughout the story, you will find life changing truths that one could apply to their own life.  This was a new author for me and I will be looking to read more of her writings in the future.  I…

  • “I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! A very suspenseful and action packed novel that held on to me long after I finished the book.” –Kate Schwartz

  • “This is book two in the Crossroads Crisis Center series. I am always eager to read sequels, wondering if they will be as good, or better than the first in the series. In this case, it is even better. I literally could not put this book down. I was pushing to finish it before I left for work, and succeeded….

  • “Lisa’s unconventional warfare with her masochistic stepfather–is extremely compelling and there are plenty of exciting twists and turns to keep the reader super-glued to the pages. One of the reasons I like Deadly Ties is that the romantic element of the plot takes a backseat to the heart-stopping action.  Hinze also inserts the element of faith into the plot very…

  • “I usually Don’t Read a lot of Christian Fiction or books that doesn’t have cuss words or sex and  full all out PDA and romance seems in this day and age its in everything tho Vicki has done it awesomely with this series and this book I am hooked on it the characters were endearing and hits a place deep…

  • “Well, the first thing I have to say about this author, Vicki Hinze, is that she is BRILLIANT! I absolutely could not put this book down and was drawn into the story from the very first few paragraphs of the first chapter! In Deadly Ties, Ms Hinze weaves a beautiful picture of love, courage, forgiveness, and the sovereignty of God…

Her Perfect Life, Vicki Hinze

Digital versions of this Clean Read novel are on sale for $3.99.
20% of net proceeds are being donated to Wounded Warrior Project.
Everyone thinks she’s dead.

While flying a routine border patrol mission over Iraq, Air Force Captain Katie Slater’s plane is blown from the sky and hurtles deep into enemy territory. Katie awakens to life as a POW in a tribal prison. Six long years later she comes home. But her perfect life has vanished. Her husband is remarried, her two children–who barely remember her–have another mother. And Katie’s former copilot, C.D. Quade, her rock and confidant, can’t let go of his guilt over leaving her behind.

The thought of getting home had kept her strong, determined to survive. But now that she’s here, nothing is the same. She’s lost everything. She’d survived being a prisoner. Will she survive coming home?

RITA® Award Finalist, Best Novel with a Romantic Element
RT Career Achievement Award Nomination for Series Romantic Adventure
Winner of the 2006 Single Title Reviewers’ Choice Award
Holt Medallion Award Finalist, Best Mainstream Novel of the Year