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Wife, Mom, Gran to Angels. Friend and neighbor. Award-Winning, Bestselling Author. Columnist. Former radio talk show host. Consultant to the RWA Board of Directors and multiple other writing organizations. Charter Sponsor and VP of International Thriller Writers and multiple RWA Chapters. Recognized by Who’s Who in the World as an Author and Educator. First RWA Pro Mentor of the Year. National Service Award recipient. Former corporate operations officer. Asked what she does, Vicki responds: I’m a writer.

Welcome! I am happy to see you here, and I hope you’ll enjoy looking around. The question I’m most asked is, “What are you working on now?”  Right now, I’m focused on the release of Down and Dead in Dallas, the third story in the DOWN AND DEAD, INC. series. If you’re new to it, visit the Books Page and read about the stories and the first few chapters. The books (in order) are:

Down and Dead Inc., Vicki Hinze

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I’m also writing the last Shadow Watcher book–Sam’s story–The Marked Witness–and doing the research for a brand new series I’m very excited about writing. More on it later.  To keep up with the latest, sign up for the newsletter. You’ll get news first and a free copy of Down and Dead in Even. I want to mention that I have a brand new “Follow” button for BookBub. Use it, and you’ll get a notice of my new releases. Isn’t that awesome?  Enjoy your visit and know I’m wishing you joy and many blessings!


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The Wisdom in a Graceful Exit

The Wisdom of a Graceful Exit By Vicki Hinze   There is an art to life and to business. We don’t always think of either in those terms, but we should. When we remember or discover the art to life and business and work within its confines, we usually find that...

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day by Vicki Hinze     When we fall, Mom picks us up and carries us until we can walk on our own again.   Mom comforts us and bind our wounds. She whispers reassurances and reminds us who we are.       Mom lets us play,...

What is a Book Snip?

Q.  What is a Book Snip?   A.  A book snip is simply a snippet from a book. It's usually combined with a graphic for visual appeal.  Book Snips are used on social media and blogs or in articles to increase visibility and awareness.  Here are a few samples:   In...

Spilling Secrets and Breaking Confidences

SPILLING SECRETS AND BREAKING CONFIDENCES By Vicki Hinze     Many don’t care why secrets are spilled and confidences are broken. They care only that their secrets have been spilled and their confidences have been broken. But they should care, and here’s why: Many...

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Lee Child

“Tense, breathless, multi-layered – and highly recommended.”

Susan Wiggs

“If you’re not already hooked on Vicki Hinze’s Crossroads Series, you will be this time. NOT THIS TIME is a tense and involving tale of crime and violence that takes the reader from the deepest darkness of the human heart to the light of redemption.”

Heather Graham

“Vicki Hinze has created a “Keeper!’ Not This Time is engrossing, entertaining; the pages are filled with excellently drawn and very real people, and a story that keeps you turning the pages!”

James Rollins

“Vicki Hinze’s new thriller, NOT THIS TIME, hones suspense to a razored edge. Riveting, relentless, and fraught with betrayals, here is a novel that cuts both to the bone and to the heart. Not This Time should be retitled Not to be Missed.”

Jon Land

“Books by Vicki Hinze never fail to entertain and enthrall. Her work is not to be missed.”

Kay Hooper

“In NOT THIS TIME, Vicki Hinze has created a tense, suspenseful story, peopled with vivid characters and set against a backdrop of deadly danger. I know I can always count on Vicki for an absorbing story I’ll remember long after I’ve closed the book, and NOT THIS TIME was no exception. Do yourself a favor and pick this book as your next read.”

Steve Berry

“Hinze paints her tale on a broad canvas, her writing expertly controlled, rich in imagination, deep in characterization. It’s a race against time and shadowy instincts, the narrative loud with surprises, the premise all-too-believable.”

Publishers Weekly

Hinze has written a masterful, complicated tale of suspense that gains momentum with each turn of a page. Her writing flows surely, moving from one character to the next, one setting to another, with readers keeping the swift pace. . . . Hinze’s plot may have readers puzzling over how this tangled tale will ever resolve itself, but that underestimates the author’s talent for transforming the unlikely into something beautiful.

Providence Journal

Forget Me Not is a thriller you won’t soon forget, especially if you’re a fan of the romantic obsession mastered by Alfred Hitchcock in Vertigo or Otto Preminger’s Laura. Vicki Hinze’s latest blends disparate elements together with surprising ease, and the result is a darkly original tale where hope and faith provide the light. The story, though, isn’t so much about faith conquering all so much as coming to the realization of its limitations and learning to overcome them, which comes define Brandt’s very heroism. Such spiritual elements would’ve overburdened the tale in lesser hands. Good thing’s Hinze’s are as sure and steady as they come, making Forget Me Not not to be missed.


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