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Vicki Hinze, New releases on Books

Written by Vicki Hinze

On January 18, 2016

I’ve been busy in this New Year and wanted to let you know about some new releases.


WED TO DEATH is a Shadow Watcher short story.  Though you haven’t yet met the characters in this Shadow Watcher story, I’ve included it as part of the Shadow Watcher series because the protagonist, while not part of the Shadow Watcher team you have met, is part of the intelligence community.  (It is comprised of many agencies, and everyone in those agencies has a story to tell.)

This short story focuses on the personal sacrifices sometimes required of the individuals who serve us–and the sacrifices of those who love them.

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Vicki Hinze, ICE, In Case of Emergency

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN I CAN’T TELL YOU is a Workbook you complete that contains information your loved ones need to know when you’re not capable of telling them.  That reason might be due to an accident or injury, to health issues, or to death.  I needed such a “continuity” book when I was injured a year ago.  I was down several months, and I discovered quickly how little family members knew of all that goes on in my daily, routine life. Ordinary things, like utility companies we deal with, who handles our insurances, where I keep things.  I went in search of a booklet like this, and failed to find one. So I created one and then thought others probably don’t have all this information compiled in a single place either. So I’ve made it available so that you can.

The ICE Workbook is available as a digital download or in print.

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Kill Zone, Special Abilities Team, Vicki Hinze

KILL ZONE is the first book in the Special Abilities Team wing of the War Games series, which includes Body Double, Double Vision, Double Dare, Total Recall (in Smokescreen).  It is not necessary to read the other novels first. KILL ZONE focuses on a new team under the same commander and, while previous novel characters do have cameo appearances, KILL ZONE is a standalone novel so you’ll have no issues in reading this novel first.

This release is an Amazon exclusive and on Kindle Unlimited until the middle of February.

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By Reader Request, THE REUNITED HEARTS SERIES COLLECTION remains on sale for $0.99.  It will be on sale through the end of February. At that time, it will return to its normal price of $6.99.

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