We Remember

We Remember

On this, the 18th Anniversary of 9/11, we have not forgotten…   As we remember our fallen, our injured, our heroes who ran toward danger, our soldiers who sacrificed… May God bless...
9-11:  We Remember

9-11: We Remember

  Eleven years ago, our nation was attacked and thousands of innocent civilian Americans died.  The very moment the second plane hit the second tower, we knew our nation was under attack and that meant we’d become a nation at war. The war continues.  Four...
Memorial Day

Memorial Day

As we celebrate the holiday, let us not forget the reason for it.  Let us remember those who sacrifice, those who grieve loss of life or limb, those who endure and those left behind.  Let us remember those buried as unknown in graves whose fates remain unknown to all...

9-11 Remembrance

Today we recognize the anniversary of of the attack on our homeland. Thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and with the troops who sacrifice so much to defend our nation. We will never forget. God bless. A13BD8F5-9ED3-478A-D30A-7DBC3EF98C4A...
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