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Memorial Day

Written by Vicki Hinze

On May 28, 2012

As we celebrate the holiday, let us not forget the reason for it.  Let us remember those who sacrifice, those who grieve loss of life or limb, those who endure and those left behind.  Let us remember those buried as unknown in graves whose fates remain unknown to all who loved them.

We hear freedom isn’t free, but do we really hear it.  Do we think about what it takes from others to provide and keep it?  It’s paid for in blood and sweat and tears and sacrifice by those who serve and those they leave behind.  It’s paid in the struggles of those who serve and then suffer challenges the rest of their lives.  It’s paid in untold ways for lifetimes.

If you refuse to stand for the pledge, then stand for a vet.  They’ve stood for you for over two centuries.  It is thanks to them that you can stand.

Remembering, and to all who have and are serving, and to their families, I thank you for your service and for your sacrifice.  You and your families are my heroes!






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