Clean Read Books

Clean Read Books

It’s a new year and time for a new special project.  This year, it’s Clean Read Books. Writers write them.  Readers read them.  But at times we have a little trouble hooking up and finding each other. That’s the issue and the reason for Clean Read...
Caution:   The Person Most Harmed

Caution: The Person Most Harmed

CAUTION:  The Person Most Harmed   Today I’m putting on my mom hat and dispensing a little advice.  People hurting and being hurt for no constructive reason just isn’t acceptable behavior.  And if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  So, in...
A Writer’s Most Precious Commodity

A Writer’s Most Precious Commodity

A Social In Global Network Article being added to the On Writing Library…   A Writer’s Most Precious Commodity by Vicki Hinze   Demands are upon writers, just like everyone else. And in the shifting field our industry has become, the demands are...
A Writer’s Most Precious Commodity

Why Authors’ Early Works are Most Originial

Note: This article was posted on the Social In Network. I’m adding it here to record it in the On Writing library…    Why An Author’s Early Works are Most Original by Vicki Hinze   When an author first begins sharing his or her writing,...
NaNoWriMo—Huh?  What’s That?

NaNoWriMo—Huh? What’s That?

© 2011, Vicki Hinze   National Novel Writing Month, affectionately dubbed NaNoWriMo, officially kicks off November 1st.  Are you ready, authors?   Not familiar with the program?  You might want to get familiar.  It’s fun and it’s productive.  A time to...
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