Down and Dead in Even

Down and Dead, Inc.
military romantic suspense, POW, Vet, bestselling romantic suspense

Down & Dead, Inc. #2  Quick-Read Suspense
Cozy Mystery
Clean Read Version

Down &  Dead, Inc. Series:

#1 Down and Dead in Dixie;

#2 Down and Dead in Even

#3 Down and Dead in Dallas (Jan 2017)

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“A fast paced inspiring story!”

Patricia L. O'Cain

Short Read.

Welcome to Down and Dead, Inc., where, to Live, Sometimes Ya Gotta Die.


Caroline Branch Easton is trapped in an abusive marriage.  She’s tried to leave her rich and powerful husband, Martin, and paid a horrible price for the attempt. But thanks to her sister, finally she has an escape plan. One they both pray will be successful and grant Caroline the safety and respite she needs to heal.


But Martin refuses to let that happen.  Now Caroline and her sister are in dire jeopardy from him and his hired henchmen.


One of them is fortunate enough to make their way to Down and Dead, Inc., where she finds help of a unique variety… if she can summon the courage to take the bold risks required. Will she succeed and reclaim her life?

Down and Dead, Inc.:

Down and Dead in Dixie(Daisy)
Down and Dead in Even (Caroline)
Down and Dead in Dallas (Christine)

Info:  Jun 2014, ASIN: B00KY9PI8Q, Magnolia Leaf Press 


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Daisy Grant Star, Down & Dead in Dixie

Daisy Grant
Star, Down & Dead in Dixie

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From Reader, Ramona Kekstadt
A must read in a wonderful Down and Dead Series,..
Caroline Easton reaches within herself to say enough is enough she will finally let her sister Christine help her. They have a plan and they’re going to put into action.

Martin promised her one day if he she ever left him she would pay, and he meant it. When she and her sisters friend meet with Jackson Grant the man who will protect her and get her safely where she can start living her life..there’s just one thing. Will this work? Is there a chance Martin will find her? She turned her gaze back to Jackson. “So can you help me?” “Depends.” Jackson leaned forward, folded his hands on the table. “Will you trust me to help you?” Caroline likes Jackson he’s so sweet and kind to her…something she isn’t used to. She feels safe with him. Jackson will not allow Martin to hurt ever again. It sickens him for what she went through. Definitely read Down and Dead in Dixie… Vicki Hinze has written an amazing series and I can wait for more to come. Love the characters in this series.

From Teacher Nanna:
Vicki Hinze has written another heart-stopping thrill ride. Caroline is abused and has no way of escape until her sister Christine comes up with a plan. Her rich, abusive husband is hot on the trail. You just have to read the latest offering from this prolific author’s Down and Dead series. One of the best quick reads ever! Caroline wants a new life, but her husband wants to end it. Will Caroline find peace in life or in death? Read the book!
Released in Digital on June 11, 2014 by Magnolia Leaf Press.

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